Dinner & A Show At The Alchemist

Dinner at The Alchemist was something I wanted to delve into immediately, so when I hit up their Liverpool restaurant and cocktail bar I wanted to showcase how Liverpools newest and coolest bar is on the map for all the best reasons. I was invited down for breakfast at The Alchemist a while back where morning cocktails aren't just for the airport and festivals but in a Victorian Laboratory setting. Today I'll be walking you through why The Alchemist rocks Liverpools socks off with their mind blowing cocktails and delicious food. 

We started off our romantic evening at The Alchemist with a sharing appetiser over a cocktail; popcorn chicken, a nibble ideal to get the night flowing, it's light and easy to pick. Having expressed a keen interested to get around every cocktail on the menu, because once you see the science behind each one, a sight to behold you will guaranteed be hooked. The waitress offered a Lady Marmalade; chase marmalade, belsazar vermouth, bergamot, lemon and citrus. Tangy, smooth and fresh. Whilst Paddy opted for a grapefruit and apricot martini; tanqueray gin, briottet apricot, fresh pink grapefruit, a balanced drink that's fruity, a sheer delight to sip and dainty.


To try out the delicious food we wanted to explore our favourites to give them a whirl, for starters having the duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce and seeded falafels with sweetcorn puree. Although as an avocado lover having adored their smashed avocado for breakfast I was eyeing up their avocado and charred corn salad. You could treat their starters like tapas, order in 3 or 4 for a larger and varied meal. 

As we indulged in our date night conversation, ordered in another famous cocktail. I was drawn to a vesper martini, because it's the prime opportunity to have a James Bond moment in Casino Royale right? It's a strong drink that's dry, and good for sipping. Appreciate the bitter but heavily gin infused beverage. Whilst Paddy wanted an Aviator, a drink I fell in love with. Sweet and delicious, vibrant blue in colour and intriguing.One sip had me wanting one immediately. 

Mains included a chicken katsu curry in panko breadcrumbs and served with coriander rice. As well as blackened salmon, I just simply love sesame rice with kimchi ketchup, fish lovers totally opt for this gem!

The Alchemist has enough sharing platters, sides and starters to fill anyone up, so choose wisely. I wish I could have stomached more for desert - all I could afford was a spoon of chocolate brownie, the renowned favourite by staff. So I'll be heading back with my girls for a chocolate indulgence. 

The Alchemist has become one of my hot spots in town for a date night, and with cocktails made for the best and food fit for kings I can't complain that The Alchemist is red hot and where it's at in Liverpool. As we ran off to a gig up town, we were told we could keep The Alchemist branded hipflasks and get discounted refills if we bring them in, I'm a sucker for collecting hip flasks so they had me swooned.