I Got My Teeth Professionally Whitened! 

And what a confidence booster it was...


So I've dabbled in quick solutions to teeth whitening, but recently I went down to Ollie & Darsh in Liverpool to have them spruced up professionally. It's an investment I'm willing to make for having a glamorous smile that lasts. My visit also motivated me to make some healthy changes to myself, as it's new year and we're always about resolutions, one of my changes is to invest in myself and self esteem for a healthy and happy me. 

I went for my consultation at Ollie & Darsh a private cosmetic dentist in Liverpool City Centre (specifically Dale Street) in which they checked out the current condition of my teeth, to check up if I'm suitable to have the treatment done. I was sent away with the green light to go ahead with my teeth whitening. I was given a Enlighten whitening toothpaste and a set of instructions to start making lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, avoiding all foods that could stain my teeth, sticking to a white diet for both before and throughout my treatment to see the best potential results for my teeth. 


Before & After

Enlighten Teeth Whitening with Ollie & Darsh Liverpool

I honestly couldn't rate the staff any better for their abilities, and comfort and ease of procedure. I was made to feel very comfortable from my first consultation, till my last treatment. They have your best intentions at heart and go above and beyond to ensure you walk away feeling over the moon about your gleaming smile. Cheryl who dealt with my teeth walked me through everything so I went home with a clear set of instructions on how to achieve the best results. 

My follow up appointment was to take impressions of my teeth, as they make a mould so your whitening trays can fit precisely to your mouth. Whilst I was in the chair, they booked me in for a hygiene appointment, to remove any traces of stains, marks or excess bacteria. I learnt a lot about how to preserve my teeth, to start flossing and the best techniques to clean your teeth - much better advice than my old dentists!

Once the trays were fitted, I was shown how to insert them, and how much product I was to put on the whitening trays each night. My treatment started off with an Enlighten Home Kit, which contained one syringe of 10% carbamide peroxide and another syringe of 16% carbamide peroxide, and 12 Evoseal desensitiser swabs. So my routine every night after brushing my teeth was to use the desensitiser swabs and follow up with a small dot of the 10% syringe on each tooth mould before fitting the tray into my mouth to sleep in. This routine was done for 7 nights, with the same routine with the 16% syringe was to be used on the trays. It was important to keep the home kit refrigerated to preserve the product, which may seem odd but makes sense to get the most out of the teeth whitening process. 

The Final Results

After finishing up my Home Kit treatments I was brought in for a further hygiene appointment to check up on my progress and receive a final clean out. The last part of my treatment involved a much stronger whitening process that is only available in cosmetic dentists, that boosts the overall final result that is lasting. The final whitening was much quicker than I thought it would take and within an hour I was out of Ollie & Darsh with a beaming white smile that made me confident to show off my new set of teeth. 

I noticed throughout my teeth whitening all staining from food, tea, coffee, smoking and dark drinks had been completely wiped off, which kick started some lifestyle changes to elongate the best results for longer. 

Ollie & Darsh is located at 11 Dale St, Liverpool L2 2SH and contactable via telephone (0151 236 6578)