Oscars Bingo

I adore the Oscars Awards, it's that time I sit in and spend my entire evening on Twitter. I scope out the best looks on the red carpet, whilst celebrating the extravagant talent within the cinema industry. It's one of the highest rated and popular award ceremonies going. The hype behind the worlds biggest cinema event is something to sing and dance about. This year I'll be hosting an Oscars party in mine, you might have seen last year I started this tradition with Leonardo and Kate masks, drinking prosecco and tweeting in my favourite looks and comments of the evening. I was sent a massive box from Showcase Cinemas to aid my wild celebration, who also sent to down to my local vintage cinema for the VIP experience.


If you've never played Oscars Bingo before, this year might be your calling. It's bundles of fun to do, frankly it's better than a drinking game. Showcase set me up with a hilarious and cliche bingo card with a variety of suggestions to tick off! If you fancy getting involved head over to Twitter and tweet in #OscarsBingo to @ShowcaseCinemas. I'll be joining in the fun all evening, so stay tuned on my Twitter and my Instagram Story

If you're not sure of who to route for, here's some of my Oscars 2017 predictions: 

Best Actor

Denzel Washington - Fences

Best Actress

Emma Stone - La La Land

Supporting Actor 

Mahershala Ali - Moonlight

Supporting Actress

Viola Davis - Fences


Damien Chazelle - La La Land


Hidden Figures


My Recent Visit To Showcase, Liverpool

We went to our local Showcase Cinema in Liverpool, to see Trainspotting 2 and be treated to some popcorn and fab seats. The one thing that I fell in love with was the vintage decor and movie screenings. It felt very romanticised like I was an American teenager in the 80s off to see a movie after school - personally I love that vintage aesthetic. The reclining seats are pretty sweet, we sat on the back row and got super comfy for Trainspotting with a large popcorn each, and drink. I find it's impossible to make popcorn as nice in the cinemas at home, it's just one of lifes mysteries. 

Trainspotting 2 Verdict

I've waited years for the sequel to come out, and I was mesmerised in the modernity in which they incorporated old cult snippets of the first as a way of flash backing to the whirlwind adventure. It's deep, gritty and just so very excellent. It certainly does justice to the first, and whilst the tricky sequel will never come close to it's original, it will be recognised for it's unique approach to story telling. I was gripped throughout the full 2 hours, it pushes you back into your seat. It's darker, and more heavy to watch. Forget any character attachments you had preconceived, forget everything you knew about Trainspotting and clear your mind. The second will elaborate on everything and no doubt make you feel so much hate towards people you once loved. I was raging, but excited every second throughout. 

I based my own life around the famous Choose Life speech. The newer version is relatable in 2017. It's hard hitting and no doubt resonates with you as it will me. 

"Choose life. Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares.
Choose looking up old flames, wishing you’d done it all differently and choose watching history repeat itself
Choose your future. Choose reality TV, slut shaming, revenge porn.
Choose a zero hour contract, a two hour journey to work, and choose the same for your kids, only worse, and smother the pain with an unknown dose of an unknown drug made in somebody’s kitchen
And then… take a deep breath. You’re an addict, so be addicted.
Just be addicted to something else. Choose the ones you love
Choose your future. Choose life."