Happy Galentines Day

Party on with your fellow girls...

Today we put on our most stunning pair of heels, dress ourselves like we were born to look this fabulous and celebrate women all around the world. Todays post will be highlighting what you can do to empower your sisters all around the world on Galentines Day.

If you're not familiar with Galentines Day, as it's relatively new it's the day of coming together pre-valentines day for a sisterly bond of celebrating everything wonderful about the women in your life. Frankly this day should be every day, and you should always do everything in your power to be equal to females but today is just a little something extra to say thank you to your mum, sisters, aunties, friends and work colleagues that women are incredible and changing the world day by day. We don't throw shade, we throw parties for you intelligent women. 


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Honeyz VIP Dress Stephi LaReine Style Blog in Liverpool

This Galentines Day, I'll be bringing back the key trend of the year with the 1980's. Using fun bright block colouring and mixing in some of my favourite accessories like my snakeskin pom heels and pink cat eye mirrored sunglasses. My favourite dress of the moment is my off the shoulder bardot dress from Honeyz. Maybe I've been watching too much Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, the moment it hit Netflix but a lot of my fashion choices this year have been orientated around Viviennes wardrobe. A fellow gal that's this years muse for me. I love it's simplistically yet sheer ability to make everything outfit look fun and dressy. Their new VIP collection is dropping jaws in its key trends of distressing, silk slips and incorporating some bold prints in time for spring - which I'm sure we're all excited to start indulging in!

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Lately I've been seeing so much uproar over everyone making a song and dance about female empowerment. I fully back the celebration of women every day of year and particularly eager to get down with my girls and have a day of bonding!

I'd love to hear what everyone else is doing over this momentous day. If you're unsure on what to do, no worries help is always at hand to make your day as special as Valentines Day. 

Happy Galentines Day Ladies!

What To Do For Galentines Day

Take your girls out for a special meal, indulge and be kind by surprising them with a round on you. 

If your girls aren't available at hand, have a group FaceTime so you can have a stay-cation in your own home but communicate. 

Dig out a box of photos to skip down memory lane of the nostalgia of when you first met.

Talk to someone new who might need some support on a lonely day. 

Compliment women on something, whether it's their wit, intelligence, their outfit or something new with their hair. 

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