What To Pack For Travel Blogging

What's In My Travel Bag

Explore, refine yourself and make memories. 

This year one of my goals is to go travelling and get myself out to places I've never been before. I intend to take everyone with me, you'll start to see much more posts over on my Travel feed. This is also the opportunity to start filming my adventures so you can see behind the scenes and the parts of my travelling un-discovered on this blog before. Today I wanted to talk through my key items I pack in my travel bag whether I'm climbing mountains, walking down beaches alongside palm trees, sitting on a balcony overlooking sheer beauty or nipping over to Wales for a day trip. I'll be enlightening more on my suitcase packing when the time comes, but just for today it's essentials that would go in my backpack that ensure that my memories are as perfect as they get. 

My Essentials For Travelling...


A Portable Speaker

My key item to pack for all my adventures is a portable speaker, so wherever I go I can listen to music. This is a habit I've always had and truly insist on others embracing. As an avid festival attender, and appreciator of all things music,  I believe the best memories we make can be put to music - also who doesn't want to pretend they're in a movie? I create the soundtrack to my life using my LG JonOne Bluetooth Speaker, this version is the latest in an art series by JonOne (Google him if you're into your American Graffiti!) Its aesthetic was designed to emulate aspects of culture, art and life, so you walk round with an element of culture and urban sophistication in your hand.

The LG JonOne Speaker has crystal clear audio and a wacky design, so not only does it look fantastic it sounds it too! It's my ultimate travel accessory and buddy for every adventure as the LG JonOne Speaker is super light, weighing in at less than half a kilogram and takes up little backpack room. I opt for this particular speaker for a variety of reasons, including its long-lasting, 15 hour battery life - so my sedate walk up mountains can be leisurely. Also whether it's me or my boyfriend picking the tunes, both our devices can be linked to control the sound. 


LG JonOne Speaker for Travel Blogging

Past Photos

Whilst wanting to look fabulous on my travels, I always pack a few nifty items to make the most of my trip, whilst I listen to music. My other travel accessories always include a few memories of previous trips, its a constant reminder to me to make valuable memories and document them. 

A Statement Red Lipstick

Of course my beauty essential is a classic red lipstick, as you can NEVER go wrong with a bit of red lippy. It suits everyone and I smear some of for a subtle look. It's my must have for any bag, travel or not. 

A Bobble Hat

One of my intentions this year is to visit somewhere cold, perhaps skiing in Andorra, or seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland. None the less a fluffy bobble hat will protect my ears and keep my hair in place. They've majorly grown on me lately, as I've embraced hat hair throughout all my winter travels - I didn't choose the hat hair life, it chose me. 


Hot or cold weather, everyone could do with some statement sunglasses. My Ray Bans have been my precious favourite pair I always go back to, as I adore the red velvet trim and polarised lens. It's quirky and so up my street, you've probably seen them a zillion times before and I'll continue to keep wearing them as they're my all time favourite sunglasses. 

Comfortable Shoes

I made the classic mistake a few years back of wearing rubber jelly shoe sandals in the hottest time of Spanish weather - never again. I'll always emphasise the importance of comfy trainers. Invest in a good quality pair too! I wear my Nike LunarEpic Trainers that were personally customised to my rainbow locks (Thanks Nike!) They'll be coming with me on all sorts of expeditions, so expect to see them much more. 

New LG Portable Speaker art series by JonOne

A Moisturiser

Re-hydrating your skin is crucial, and particularly if you're heading anywhere hot this year make sure it has a SPF to keep skin protected, healthy and glowing. I've recently changed up my routine and found sanctuary in the HydraQuench Cream by Clarins, it's so small and you can fling it in a pocket for top ups. 

YSL Black Opium Review

A Umbrella 

This is more aimed for my city breaks I intend to take, as you will rarely see me in a hood - except festivals! A good umbrella will see you through a few years of downpour and luckily they're lightweight for most sized handbags and backpacks. Keep dry and enjoy your memories whilst you're having a walk in the rain. 


One beauty product (It's not a priority, but just simply nice to take!) That I'm currently obssessing over is YSL's Black Opium Perfume. You'll see my talk about it all the time, and luckily Santa was super nice and gave me a top up for Christmas. It's a beautiful and romantic perfume that a quick spritz can freshen up my travels. I highly recommend taking a small version or compacting it for ease of travel on planes. 

Finally A Backpack!!

Of course the final product for packing when travelling is the bag you're going to carry everything in. Go for durable design and preferably waterproof if it's going to lash it down. I highly recommend EastPak for their quality build and funky designs. It's amazing how much you can cram in, they see me through festivals, holidays and day trips as they can hold the weight of my camera, phone, speaker, any beauty products I wish to take in the front pocket and any essentials like my Passport, money and cards in the secret pocket.