2016 You Wild Thing!

Let's wrap up the year, and get on with another and see what I want to achieve...

How fast has it gone please? 2016 has come to a close, whether you called it a good year or not is interpreted for personal opinion. Whilst the hot topic of conversation has been the list of celebrity losses that we still haven't recovered from, 2016 has also been a revolutionary year for technology, medical advancement and many endangered animals who are no longer striving to survive.

For me personally it's been incredible and unforgettable. No amount of words or pictures can quite capture what a year it's been. I was always taught to never let the man get me down and that's exactly what I did. I got on with my own life without fear of all the negativity coming down on me. Nothing rains on my parade, there's only room for the sun. Let's review what a year it's been and what I'm intending to do with my next 12 months. 


Life swoops around in funny directions, so with loss we have regrowth and advancement. Collect the seeds, sow them, resulting in rebirth. Rinse and repeat. Celebrate the lives of the passed and they'll live on forever.

Exhibitions & Graduation

For me personally 2016 has been a whirlwind of excitement. There's always a hurdle or two, but with every great challenge we reap the rewards. The biggest achievement of all was finishing my BA Honours in Photography and Graphic Design with a 1st classification, and having the momentous day in which to fling my graduation cap into the air knowing another chapter has tailed off.

I launched my photographic exhibition of UV painted work about unique beauty, in which I met some of my closest friends for life through mutual creativity. As well as showcasing my interactive colour exhibition on Synesthesia. Because obviously everything is rainbows to me right?! It attracted over 200 people in to get in touch with a part of their brain that most people don't use. Whilst I'm overwhelmed that it's all over, I'm going to be starting up new photographic series to exhibit all over the UK.


Summer by far was the most enjoyable one I've had. I've now dedicated my life to going full time with this blog, with a new transformation to reflect the moment I discovered myself from the caterpillar to a butterfly. Or as I often reflect the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. It's the first time I broke the chain from the education system, so as I left the nest and delved into what is the wonderful world of freelance life and having 100% control of my actions, I felt free. I spent my summer at festivals, I travelled to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Tenby and all across the UK. Making lasting memories with everyone important to me and getting out in the sun!

It really was the summer of love, I started to enjoy every minute of the day and love everything I was doing. Maybe it was the shackles of education and a sprout of freedom that spurred on this rebellious attitude of mine. Either way I'm still in this moment of awe that most people would be overwhelmed with coming out of education and into hard core work. 

To name all the festivals I hit up this summer and intend to return to are; Liverpool Sound City, Live At Leeds, FestEVOL, LIMF, Latitude Festival, Y Not Festival,  X& Y Festival, Mosborough Festival, Leeds Festival, Bestival, Reeperbahn Festival andWhen In Manchester. Festivals give me life and this year I'm intending to hit EVEN more!

Launching A Collection & Blogging

Collaboratively this is perhaps my best year yet. The blog was nominated for a prestigious award and globally recognised. It was also the year I curated my own collection in GAP and saw myself on the front of a store front in Liverpool and Oxford Street in London. So bizarre! As well as snipping a ribbon to open a Long Tall Sally shop, and opening an Outfit in Broughton Park. Retail wise I've been on my toes and I LOVE it.



I learnt the true value of friendship, that some people just come and go in your life, that never stick round till the after dinner coffee. I'm in an incredibly happy place through friendship and have a close knit collection of people I can call my second family.

My inner GirlBoss is screaming with excitement over 2017. I have so much ambition to do so much, with the fire in my heart ready to dive head first into something unexpected. I no doubt say this every year that I want to be challenged to something new but this time I REALLY mean it!

My Relationship

This year I celebrated being with Patrick for 4 years. I fall in love with him even more every day. We've been building a home between having crazy months packed full of events. We've seriously matured and started to lay down plans for buying a house with the intentions of raising kids in it one day. We'll always be completely un-serious about life though, it's the best way to be. Paddy has supported me throughout the entire year and seen every smile on my face in the past 12 months. It's never a dull day with him, and this year will be no exception as we bring on more adventures around the world. 

What I Want To Achieve In 2017

In 2017 I want to be travelling, so you'll see much more posts under my Travel section. I'm also saving up for a house to set me up with my amazing partner. He's my rock and seen me through every little challenge this year. We flourish more as a couple by day and after 4 years are ready to start making some commitments to set us up when there's a ring on both our fingers, and a mini version of us running round a new house. I've never felt so adult writing this, but its going to happen in the next few years.

Another commitment of next year is to get in shape - ugh cliche I know. But it's not for my physical appearance as I'm pretty happy with my physique, but mentally change a few things. This year I truly let myself go, I had to remind myself in the mirror every day that I was there, and to take care of myself. I'd go most of the day without a meal, I'd get so excited by working that my health was compromised and I'd subsequently tremor at the idea of a meal. You probably wouldn't think so with all the food posts I put up but they are the rare exceptions to the crazy year it's been, so it's time to balance meals with work, and not get too excited by or the other.

Next year I'll be jotting things down, as the countless times I've been told to start writing a book is sinking in. It's an aspiration of mine, that needs to start early. There's some ideas spinning around my head and it's going to be pretty daring.

Lets make it a great year, hold your head high and brace yourself for a fresh turn of the page. I'm sure the years are getting quicker, so live each day to its full potential, you never know what'll happen or where you'll end up. I cannot stress how important it is to make yourself happy for you. Perhaps 2017 will be your year for a radical change, get out the job you don't like, build a family or meet someone special. Give your year an extra push with a challenge and be proud of the next 12 months.