The Quick Solution To Teeth Whitening

Photos by Stephi LaReine

Whether you're wanting whiter teeth before a special day, or just to maintain consistently, I found a quick solution to teeth whitening fix that'll see you results in 7 days with the Amour Noir Tooth Polish.  It's such a simple process, you simply dip your toothbrush into the paste, and brush your teeth for 2 minutes like you would with normal toothpaste - you still have to clean your teeth twice a day!How does this magical product work I hear you all scream? It works because unharmful charcoal is used to remove stains and bacteria. It's even got rid of my little brown stains from drinking tea and coffee! When it comes to products that go in your mouth, you should always read up on them. But it's rest assured that the Amour Noir Tooth Polish is completely safe and made up with natural ingredients. I'm super picky but I absolutely loved using the polish to get a beaming white smile. It seems that quick solutions to teeth whitening isn't a distant dream.


Before Teeth Whitening


Day One

I found that I noticed my teeth felt more clean and fresh, it helped freshened my breath naturally as well as took some of the brown tint off my teeth. It's an odd sensation seeing black all over your teeth, but when you rinse and swill it out all out, you do see subtle results. They say that some people see results in the first few uses, and immediately I saw areas of my mouth that are usually darker lighten up. Truly incredible!

Day Two

Much more staining was removed, it gave me more confidence to have a wider smile. I got complimented on how much whiter my teeth looked! So by day two I was seeing great results.

Day Three

I was getting adjusted to this daily process, seeing the black on my teeth seemed like no biggie. At this point I was getting quite excited to see how much stainage would come off my teeth. There were slight changes, as I progressed on, but reflecting back to my first pictures I could see a noticeable contrast in how my teeth seemed flatter from removing darker shadows. 

Day Four

I made the conscious decision to cut out coffee and tea, because I've been so happy with my result so far that I'll do anything to maintain them. You'll all be happy to know I'm now drinking gallons of water, and switched back to lighter teas like chamomile and green tea, instead of my over-brewed cup of tea, and double strength black coffee. So not only by using the tooth polish has been helping my teeth, but it also made me kick start more healthier lifestyle changes so I could preserve my lasting white grin. 



Day Five

I've been noticing that my teeth are going up shade by shade, and by day five I noticed the most amount of changes. Which is great as they're looking pretty damn sparkly now! Zing!

Day Six

My mum thought I was crazy, as I was so excited to see how white my teeth were, I gave her a huge grin with all the charcoal on my teeth, and convinced her to give it a try! So I've now got the family hooked and giving it a go - even they said after one use they saw results, their teeth now look fantastic.

Day Seven

My teeth are pearly white, and looking whiter than they ever have done before. It's given me the biggest confidence booster, knowing how they look now in comparison to what they did. I never had bad teeth to begin with, but seeing the before and after, made me realise what a significant change of shade I now have. It's encouraged me over the past week to make changes, and keep my teeth bright. I love that it only took an extra two minutes in the morning to achieve such miraculous results, so every day I'm now fixated on making sure that my teeth stay as sparkly as the first time I saw them lighten.


I'm definitely going to be using Amour Noir Tooth Polish for top ups. As now I've got this beaming grin how can I not afford to keep it looking fantastic. Also because it's 100% vegan and all natural based it makes me happy knowing it's causing no damage to my teeth, like other products on the market. I'm feeling so much more confident in my smile, how I've seen the vast changes before and after throughout my journey of using Amour Noir in my daily routine. 

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Check out all their beaming smiles over on their instagram and share your results with me and how your teeth have improved!


After Teeth Whitening