cineworld gift box for two

The Perfect Christmas Present For Two 

Christmas is a time where we spend our most intimate memories, with our nearest and dearest. The presents we buy aren't to represent what's necessarily the trendiest products, it's the time we cherish to personalise everything we do, and have those fond "thought of you moments". Alternatively my outlook this Christmas is to buy experiences, memories aren't replaceable, and you'll always remember the smiles, and journey you take throughout your relationship with that person. Buying them a day out may not seem that expensive, but investing in a life time of happy memories makes you the richest person. 

So you need an idea for a Christmas date, or fancy taking your bestie out for a entertaining night? There's a new way to spice up your evenings, whilst staying all snug with something to slurp and munch on. Cineworld have released a cinema night out box for two, because frankly a gift card in the post isn't half as exciting as a box of treats is it?! You can enjoy a night at the cinema seeing the best movies of the time, and with some of the best movies coming to our screens super soon, I'm certainly not gonna be missing out on the festive films! By unleashing those magical moments together you can be absorbed into the best picture and sound, whilst sharing the experience (two is always better than one!) 


What Do You Get In The Cineworld Box?

This experience box has 2 tickets to any 2-D or 3-D movie of your choice, so you or your companion can choose what you fancy, when you get inside. Whilst Cineworld give you a voucher for two regular drinks and one regular popcorn. A final surprise in the box reveals a few chocolate nibbles for when you've finished your popcorn. Drink, popcorn and chocolate? You simply couldn't ask for more in an evening! 

This box is priced at £25 and available from the Cineworld site, and in Cineworld cinemas nationwide. 

It's the best sharing present, whether you're breaking the ice on a date, or sharing a movie with your squad, it sorts out all the fuss so you can simply collect your tickets, pick up your popcorn and get comfy. 

There's no better place to see a movie than the cinema, it's great for bonding and much more memorable. I love watching movies in my house, but fully immersing yourself in a giant screen, and have an excuse to binge on some popcorn - any day of the week please! Giving someone your time is the best sense of appreciation. Memories and experiences define us, and to have a partner in which to join us makes the memories more special. 

Give the gift of the cinema to someone and unleash some movie magic through the ultimate cosy Christmas experience as a pre-Christmas gift or surprise stocking filler. 

This post has been sponsored by Cineworld