My Rainbow Hair Transformation 

These past few weeks have given me so much confidence. Some of you might have spotted a huge change in my hair lately, it's been pretty significant and even though you're more than likely to have seen me constantly change up my hair, this transformation was quite special. I usually dye my own hair, and occasionally ask for the assistance of my mum when I see her to help out with the back of my head, but I've never gone to a salon with intentions of doing my colours until Voodou. I've been working alongside them on a new look, something crazy, extravagant and a real head turner.

Voodou are rebels, free spirits and unique in the hairdressing world - they embody everything I want in hair, and couldn't ask for more in a salon. They've been breaking the mould on traditional hairdressing, and throwing in their twist of individuality, knowing you'll never walk out with a haircut identical to someone else. As a Liverpool based salon they insist on breaking out of the habits of Scouse curly blows, and treating hair as your signature mark of personality and pride.

Louise King, founder of the Hippy Club designed my rainbow locks, taking into account my muses, inspirations, role models and lifestyle. I've never been too fussed on styling my hair - I'm fairly au natural, I'm a brush and go kinda gal, maybe a braid or ponytail thrown in a few times a year (groundbreaking I know!) But Lou really opened my eyes to a few possibilities of countless techniques that I can achieve with my long hair.

My hair had so many stained traces of blue that simply didn't budge, that were removed using a Redken Pre-cleanse that released unwanted pre colours. Followed with a Redken CAT treatment that was applied to balance out the PH of the hair and repair its condition so an even colour was achievable.  To preserve the fiber integrity, protect the hair bonds and balance the PH, a Redken Flash lift and PH Bonder was used on my hair to lift the roots and ends. This created a great template for bleaching, dying and styling, as at Voodou their priority is to ensure as little damage occurs throughout your hair journey. They take great care in each process to maximise each styles potential. Prior to dying this left my hair lusciously soft, light (without blue huzzah!) and in a nourished condition and prepped for the fun part!



We used Crazy Colors - a brand I hadn't used since being a teenager. With the vision of the rainbow spectrum we wanted an end result that was out of the box, the un-thinkable, and the downright mad. Lou delivered with a complex design made up of 7 different shades that required many kirby grips and planning to achieve what seemed the impossible. It seemed like a challenge but for colour and cut expert Louise a total breeze as she's fuelled with creativity.

Prior to styling whilst wet, a Duo Shield 07 - Hair Colour Protecting Gel Cream was used, as well as a Roomful 06 Root Lifting Spray that creates body for the hair. It's important to protect as well as maximise your styling process, so this was used to prime the hair before styling. There's so many ideas being thrown around, and I even allowed my hair to be completely crimped for my graduation day. When you're on a adventurous ride you'll be impulsive enough to give it a nod. My look was finished off with Hippy Hair Invisible Dry Shampoo and Blow Dry extender. Overall my hair was touchablely soft, mouldable and retained it's crimp for a few days, and saw me through to my next wash.

The looks we've created have included a voluminous crimp that could be worked into a middle parting or  huge side part - great for bringing back the current 80s trend. Secondly a hair crown, that gave my hair a rope like quality, that looked magnificent with all the weaving colours throughout. Lastly a sleek straightened root to mid style with waved ends and a voluminous fringe root. This is what opened my eyes to the true potential of long hair.

I can't wait to head back in for braiding, and more exciting hair adventures. Voodou is located on Bold Street, Liverpool where they cater to cuts, colours, and downstairs the Hippy Hangout where makeup is hosted by Elizabeth - the queen that gave me this incredible blue lipstick look. Going to Voodou helped me open my eyes to what I can do to maximise my hair. I've even delved into the occasional straightening and waving at home, something I'd never try without some extra company. I love my curly rainbow locks being natural, but post-Voodou gave me the confidence to give these styles a try after the wave of compliments I received on and offline. 

rainbow hair style blogger Stephi LaReine on Albert Dock Liverpool

I was also fortunate enough to attend their Christmas Party, where other bloggers got to know the wild and wonderful world that is Voodou. Whilst we sipped champagne in the Hippy Hangout, munching on mince pies and walking home with a  goodie bag full of Redken treatments. They really do treat you like a queen, I'm pretty much ready to spend whole days in there chatting away to them. I love their experimental ways, and how they have a completely oppositional view to other hairdressers, that hair is a part of you, and your lifestyle. That confidence and individuality is what we should seek for when walking out of a hairdressers. Voodou is changing the world a day at a time, so get in the salon to experience being a unique snowflake.