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Using Blue In Your Wardrobe This Winter

Photos by Patrick McGuinness

It's coming up to winter, and after returning from the Ice Festival in Liverpool I realised my new fascination with the colour blue. We've seen it all over the catwalks and now it's time to learn how to integrate it into our wardrobes. 
Embrace your inner ice queen with a few simple ways in which blue can be your winter colour. 


Stephi LaReine Style Blog from Liverpool
Stephi LaReine Style Blog from Liverpool

rainbow hair style blogger Stephi LaReine on Albert Dock Liverpool

Stephi LaReine Liverpool Fashion Blogger

Bring Out Your Personality In Blue

A great way to add pops of colour into your wardrobe, is mixing up a variety of textures and designs to compliment each other. It adds depth and variety to what can seem a simplistic outfit. 
For this look it was a combination of velvet, suede, faux fur and leather - very rock'n'roll and very me. (which is very important!) 
The key to carrying such a bold blue look, is to be confident in your choices, wear the pieces that you feel fit you as a person. So for me personally it's adding all my favourites into one look and keeping the tones of blue within a similar palette. 

A great way of picking out colours within the same range is to use functions in online shops by selecting the colour of your choice, it's really just as simple as that. 
In this scenario we want to select blue in the dropdown menus. I find that online shopping is a great way of comparing and contrasting pieces as we can list, organise and make online collages, using tabs to create a look. This is advice I swear by, as I predominately shop online for most my wardrobe. 

I found my dress and bag through Octer,  which is a fantastic site that helps me to narrow down my choices through brands and price range - they're the go-to site for some astounding sales for both high street and designer wear. 

penny lark handbag via asos and best dressed secret fur long hair blue jacket

Channeling blue into my wardrobe has really helped me add colour into a season that I strive not to wear black in, it's made me grow outside my comfort zone, which is what a lot of us do as the days get darker earlier.
It's a colour that we can add to any element of our lives, it's striking and when picked out in a certain material can put a tone on our outfits. So I'd use this ensemble as a party look for a night out or a gig, as it's still colourful but has pops of my personality. I love blue velvet and it's ability to add a level of luxury to my outfits - I'm currently obsessed with anything velvet and it's bang on trend for party season. 

Blue can be a calming colour, it's so tranquil to wear. It's easier to wear than what we anticipate, as it goes with all skin tones, and can take us from an outfit that's very casual to making a bold statement. We wear blue a lot more often than we think, whether thats a pair of blue jeans or shorts. Denim is a great way of starting off your journey into the world of blue. Or you can be more daring by throwing on a pair of blue shoes to take your attention to a striking boot or heel. 

Other fantastic ways of working in a blue hue is to use it in an accessory, like a statement handbag or scarf - it's minimal but still an affective way of using a colour that makes your outfit more interesting. My mission is to start making people feel comfortable about colour, and the power it possesses to make their confidence levels rocket sky high. Colour is personality and an important tool when portraying ourselves. 

Stephi LaReine rainbow curly hair style blogger wearing blue velvet asos dress

I'd love to know what your favourite blue pieces are, and how you like to wear them. We're currently seeing blue everywhere, so embrace the inner ice queen with something colourful and ditch the black wardrobe for something more vibrant. 

Stephi LaReine rainbow fashion blogger from liverpool wearing blue velvet dress
Stephi LaReine rainbow fashion blogger from liverpool wearing blue velvet dress