Stephi LaReine in The Alchemist Liverpool

Breakfast & Potions In The Alchemist

Photos by Stephi LaReine & Patrick McGuinness

I'm excited to say I recently hit up one of the most innovative hot spots in Liverpool. 
Up town by the town hall is a gorgeous restaurant, The Alchemist to try out their breakfast and cocktail menu. They specialise in providing a unique experience of science and quality cocktail making. 
Expect smoke, fire and colour changing drinks to truly blow your mind. It's impossible to go to another bar and order a cocktail with all the bangs, and whizz popping that The Alchemist provide.

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Smashed Avocado in The Alchemist Liverpool
Breakfast in The Alchemist Review

The other highlight of our trip was trying out their gorgeous breakfast menu. It's almost as if they knew what I loved in a meal and add extra twists to each dish. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and with a menu of eggs benedict, smashed avocado on toast and pancakes it definitely got me under their wing for food. 

I selected the smashed avocado with poached eggs and bacon. If you're a avo on toast kinda person then definitely try their version as it's simply sensational. Paddy vouched for eggs benedict, so you'll get your fix of poached egg, roasted ham, hollandaise sauce (mmm!) on a english muffin. It's a classic dish presented in a niche way. 

Other dishes they have are a full English, an American breakfast with Belgian waffles, maple syrup, bacon and more! Check out their food menu to find something you fancy. 

To accompany our yummy breakfasts we had a breakfast cocktail - because no matter what time of day it's always time for a cocktail in The Alchemist. The cocktail of choice was peaches and cream; a creamy prosecco cocktail that's perfect to have as a luxury drink in the morning. I always make a similar drink for Christmas Day but this blows my cocktail making skills out the water. 

Breakfast in The Alchemist Liverpool
The Alchemist Menu
Madhatter cocktail smoke liverpool
lightbulb moment in the alchemist liverpool
kale cocktail liverpool

This is where our afternoon was cranked up another notch, with the extreme and simply bedazzling cocktails were made. I explored the menu and the first on the list caught my eye; The Madhatter. When the word 'science' is included in the ingredients it's only a matter of time before curiosity caves in. It's a cocktail with ketel one vodka, citrus, elderflower, cointreau and summer fruits (and science of course!)

 This cocktail is accompanied with a bunsen burner filled with garnishing and sits on your table until the mixture is bubbling - and this is where the magic begins. A dry ice mixture floods the table with smoke pouring from a beaker. You really feel like you're in either a science class or Hogwarts, it's incredible. 

We followed up with Colour Changing One, as we were feeling pretty explorative. It does what it says on the tin, it changes colour. I won't give away the magical colour it goes - because you need to try it for yourself, but it's definitely not what you think would happen. 


peaches and cream prosecco cocktail
peaches and cream cocktail
the alchemist liverpool





The Alchemist has a huge selection of whizz poppers so delving into the menu we witnessed Lightbulb Moment, Bubblebath (no straws allowed), Beyond The Kale - which is great if you like one of your five a day! As well as Dead Red Zombie - prepare yourself for smoke if you order this. We were tipped that the Caramelised Rum Punch was a winner, for this cocktail I'd take yourself over to the bar to watch it being made, that's where the fire is. 

Check out their drinks menu to get a taster of the vast list you can try. You will not be disappointed. The Alchemist is currently in Liverpool, Manchester, London Leeds, Cheshire and Birmingham so head to your nearest one to see what the fuss is about. 

colour changing cocktail liverpool
science cocktails in liverpool
science cocktails in liverpool