Chaophraya gave us the chance to explore their new menus in Liverpool One, taking us on a food journey throughout Thailand and try out the best luxurious Thai foods without having to catch a plane. 

Chaophraya Liverpool: Stephi LaReine Reviews

A Journey Through Thai Food in Chaophraya

Photos by Stephi LaReine & Patrick McGuinness

The restaurant is situated just outside the gardens in L1, with lavish gold interior that they specifically picked out for its connotations of luxury. Chaophraya holds trinkets of original design and supplying bespoke food and cocktails. It’s a treasure to behold right in the city centre. 

Stephi LaReine in Chaophraya Liverpool Thai Restaurant

It’s the perfect setting for private dining and special events. Chaophraya take their name from the main waterway in Thailand, that is still regarded an inspiration, as in ancient times Chaophraya river breathed life into the families who lived along its banks.

Chaophraya Liverpool Design

Thai Crackers in Liverpool

The Thai waitresses will attend to your every need, and give you an authentic Thai experience. Our dining experience started off at the top of the river with a bowl of prawn crackers with a sweet chilli dip – perfect for sharing small plates with the family. As we were sat next to the window of the kitchen, we got to see all the action take place, as we ordered in our drinks – the menu is such a speciality in itself. We ordered a Hendricks Gin that was accompanied with gin and tonic flavoured popcorn, watermelon and cucumber tonic. Super zesty and refreshing as a neutral drink. Whilst I ordered in a Mockingbird, that’s a caged cocktail with Jinzu Gin, Maraschino, Pink Grapefruit Juice, Cherry and Soda. It’s unique design and taste had me ordering one after another. 

Hendricks Gin Patrick McGuinness

Chaophraya Menu Review: soft shell crab and squid tempura

Luxury Thai Food in Liverpool

The starters were swiftly brought over, I ordered the soft shell and squid tempura, that is cooked in a light crispy batter along with wing bean and asparagus tempura with chilli & lime avocado dip. It was a generous portion, packed with flavour, whilst the finishing kick to the dish was the chilli – truly delicious and innovative. 

For Guin he ordered in hand-rolled crispy spring rolls lled with chicken, carrot, pickled cabbage and vermicelli served with a sweet chilli sauce. It was neatly presented on a bamboo leaf and topped with a little garnishing. It was much smaller than mine but overall a fantastic dish to whet the whistle for more luxurious Thai food. 

steamed sea bass fillets in liverpool restaurant chaophraya

crispy pork belly stir fry chaophraya liverpool

Our main courses took us further down river of Chaophraya to a selection of curries, stir frys, noodle dishes and plates straight from the grill. We decided to venture out into the unknown territory and go with a dish we had been recommended by the manager. The crispy pork belly was the hidden gem on the menu; it was a stir fry served with sugar snap peas and peppers tossed with fresh chillies, garlic and hot basil leaves. So fragrant and spiced, which complimented the pork extremely well – I’m heading back for this! Whilst our other dishes were steamed sea bass fillets with coriander root, lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, served with fresh chilli and lime sauce and a salad of yellow soy beans, sugar snap peas, choisum, chillies and mint. On the side we decided to accompany our dishes with a bowl of sticky rice – it does what it says on the menu, sticks in a ball (so good though!) and a plate of sugar snap peas, mushrooms and tender stem broccoli. 

vegetable side dish in chaophraya liverpool

chaophraya liverpool dessert menu chocolate bombe

To tail off our journey throughout Thailand, we finished up with a couple of espresso martinis with a twist – Mr Black, Ketel One Vodka, Espresso and Vanilla Sugar (Because there’s nothing quite like a coffee kick to lift you after a delicious meal!) 

I decided on the Thai dessert sampler to really get a taste of luxury Thai desserts, as I’d never had one before. So I ordered in a duet of traditional Thai pancakes with pandan leaf custard and mango sticky rice. Whilst Guin ordered a Chocolate Bombe, it looked so good. It was a melting chocolate bombe with Thai whiskey ice cream and honey and toasted sesame popcorn centre with hot caramel sauce. Utter heaven! 

Thai dessert sampler in chaophraya liverpool

Chaophraya Liverpool is defined by its ability to serve quality food in a fine dining atmosphere, so this is the perfect location for ambience and sophistication with delicious produce to offer. 

espresso martini in liverpool