Do you ever find a perfume that perfectly epitomises you and what you want in a scent? Let me talk you through my favourite perfume and whats made it so special. 

ysl black opium wild review

My Thoughts on YSL Black Opium Wild

Photos by Stephi LaReine

black opium wild review

As soon as I discovered YSL had a new perfume I had to try it out for myself, I’ve been a huge fan of their original Black Opium fragrance, I always found it to be a scent I could carry throughout the day. I’d never received so many compliments from a perfume, so you can probably guess how delighted I was to try out the YSL Black Opium Wild Edition, from the bottle to the scent itself I found sheer perfection in a bottle. 

fragrance direct ysl black opium wild edition

 Black Opium Wild makes you feel like the hype isn’t just in getting dressed up, but adding a splash of a perfume that dazzles you and completes your ensemble. The scent carries sophistication and confidence. The bottle itself is edgy, one of a kind and got elements of grunge. It’s a rock’n’roll kind of perfume – it just knows its fierce and fabulous. 

So what makes this more special than its predecessor? The signature note of coffee has been enhanced and counter-balanced by radiant white flowers with irresistible overtones of vanilla, cedar and patchouli. YSL Black Opium Wild has had a mini face lift and kick starting my day in a revolutionary new way. 

I’ve been boasting to everyone about this perfume in how it’s versatility has made it my handbag go-to for a fragrance, whether it’s for meetings, lunch, a night out partying or something to make my work day something a little more special. I get the majority my fragrances through Fragrance Direct as I feel like I’m well informed of special offers, extra goodies and the latest scents on the scene. 

I urge any edgy girl to give YSL Black Opium Wild a whirl, it’s revolutionary for the ultimate Girl Boss scent. Let me know if you’ve tried it and what your thoughts on it are!

ysl black opium wild review