I’m making the most of the sunshine whilst it’s still around prancing around in tassel tops, edgy jeans and comfortable trainers. The chilled life for me waits ahead. 

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She Was A Skater Girl

Photos by Patrick McGuinness

Stephi LaReine blogger

So to elaborate on a little few reflective moments that I haven’t had a chance to mention on social media, I’ve decided to post pone my plans to do my masters in Photography for another year. 

My relaxed state of mind has resonated throughout a lot of things I’ve been doing lately, I mainly put this down to the monumental chaotic nature of my summer, it’s never simple to explain but the long story short is that I pack in as much I can cram, to be out and about in the elements. 

This attitude has majorly reflected into my wardrobe lately, I’ve been about simple pieces that make a statement, which coincidentally have been the same thoughts of late trends, colourful minimalism. Layering up is evidently for autumn/winter so I’m trying to get my skin out to grow on my tan and look decently coloured throughout the year. I am Casper the friendly ghost in colouration by nature. 

Wildfox Top ripped jeans nike trainers rainbow hair lookbook blogger


Spoiled Brat Wildfox Grand Canyon Top

Gap Jeans

Nike LunarEpic Low Trainers

Boden Shoulder Bag

nike lunarepic low trainers in low knit

So todays outfit was mainly influenced by a lot of music I’m listening to, Lana Del Rey is back in my playlist and therefore in my wardrobe all over again. So let’s think pink heart shaped sunglasses, urban trainers, and ripped denim. My tasseled t-shirt is Wildfox from Spoiled Brat, they always seem to include all my favourite pieces that personify summer. It’s got me a few clicks away from booking my own road trip to the states, that’s how influenced I feel by their collection. 

This was paired with a classic pair of 1969 Gap Jeans, a statement pair of jeans as it throws around ideas of old denim, but styled up in your own way, the added trim at the bottom is very happening and seen amongst many collections over the past few months so will happily be a reoccurrence in my arms length wardrobe. I think everyone should invest in good jeans, they always see you through and evolve to becoming an easy go-to in your wardrobe whether that’s a lazy day or a more extravagant one. 

To complete the look I’ve added simple accessories and a fabulous pair of Nike LunarEpic Low trainers that were kindly sent over. You rarely find me in trainers but they’re rainbow and so very comfortable – I do highly advise the trainer life if you haven’t delved into it, it mixes up my life in high heels and boots.  Mixed with a pastel Olivia Burton watch and pale blue wooden sunglasses. For me personally I couldn’t beat mixing up some pastels in my looks, summer or winter. 

stephi lareine blogger from liverpool uk

I’ve been dying to get back into skating, I’m even considering buying a long board, so if anyone can send over any tips or people they think could aid my journey back on the wood that would be dandy. Heading out to a skate park made me realise how much I’ve missed spending my summers rolling down by the beach. Or maybe I’m just aching to head to LA. 

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  1. Deanna
    September 18, 2016 / 6:16 pm

    your style is impeccable. x

  2. Anonymous
    September 18, 2016 / 6:20 pm


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