The adventures of Derbyshire continues as another day in the fields pass, with highlights from Noel Gallagher, Circa Waves, Eliza And The Bear.

Y NOT Festival Highlights – Day Two

Photos by Stephi LaReine, Patrick McGuinness & Jake Marley



Gap Denim Dress

Long Tall Sally Kimono

CAT Boots

Marc B Red Crossbody Bag

Our day started off like any day at Y NOT, backstage of the JD tent. We went off to see Eliza And The Bear, who blew us all away. I seriously vouch for them being one of the best upcoming acts to hit international stages. Playing classics like Upon The North and Friends that got the crowd shaking the stage. We caught the last few minutes of The Amazons which I was gutted about but definitely will be at the front for in future festivals!

Followed by Sundara Karma and Trampoline, if you like your poetry witty and fast like John Cooper Clarke, check out Trampoline a band so on their feet you know they’d crack a pun within 0.1 seconds of you saying it. 

Next was a Liverpudlian favourite Circa Waves, and not to be stereotypically Scouse but I’m feeling like they’ve refined their act and got more Miles Kane over the years, just a judgement but thats all I ever see now. I absolutely adore them and listening to T-shirt Weather always sends me back like a blast from the past to my early teens. Such a jump around tune. 

The ensemble of today was inspired by my obsession with denim lately. Honestly, can’t get enough of the stuff, I’ll take it in whatever form it comes right now. You’ll probably see a line of correlation with my denim addiction. This beauty is from GAP like all my favourite denim and teamed for the second day running my CAT boots. The weather got a bit warmer, so it wasn’t quite the sludge from the first day so I felt brave in my festival ready kimono – it’s never the same without a kimono in my life. 

Our finale of the night was the glorious Noel Gallagher or Noelly G as we call him. Thousands were flocking to get a slice of Noel Gallagher And The High Flying Birds. Not only do you bargain for some festival fit songs but the occasional but of Oasis, because to be honest who doesn’t love a classic from the 90s? It defined most of us and to see him sing it live for the second time made it magical. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever hear, and certainly one of those moments you tick off your bucket list.