Day three includes throwbacks to the 80s with the likes of Madness, my inner emo favourite The Hives, Stockports favourites Blossoms and Sunset Sons

stephi lareine y not festival highlights day three

Y NOT Festival Highlights – Day Three

Photos by Stephi LaReine, Patrick McGuinness, Jake Marley

y not festival 2016

A cooler morning began as everyone started packing up their tents, we decided to keep ours up and about for one final blow out and to head off in the morning. A few cocktails down and a batch of noodles to warm our hearts we were off out to see Sunset Sons as the sky opened up to beam of glorious sunshine! 

sunset sons 2016 y not

Sunset Sons was one of my newcomer favourites, despite not actually being all that new they have the vision of the new sound that I believe will be trending across bands in 2016. They played songs like ‘Remember’ and ‘She Wants’. Y Not Festival introduced me to a lot of new music this year and I’m eternally grateful that whilst I’m waiting for next year I’ve got some cracking new playlists to occupy my year. 

y not festival 2016 stephi lareine

Stephi LaReine rainbow hair festival blogger


Elsie & Fred Crochet Dress

CAT Boots

Marc B Bag

Stephi LaReine Festival Fashion 2016

My entire wardrobe for Y NOT was based around different textures and classic twists on festival fashion favourites for 2016. Crochet has been the ongoing trend for the past few summers, sporting a halter neck dress from Elsie & Fred. Teaming it with the only pair of boots I got to take with me without dipping into my wellies, good ol’ trusty CAT boots

This day was a simplistic colourful look that only needed a pair of stars under my eyes to complete the overall look. 

Patrick McGuinness Guinny and Jake Marley Y Not Festival

The Hives Y Not Festival 2016

I can easily say The Hives were the highlight of my entire weekend. They’re such a throwback and the kind of band I seem to miss playing arenas year after year from being so busy. The Hives entertain you and keep you on your toes throughout the entirety of their set. With their black and white attire and Swedish Rock it’s 100% guaranteed to be everyones cup of tea. 

Y Not Cinema Festival Site 2016

Stephi LaReine Jake Marley music writers

Whilst antics in the fields included partying back in the JD tent, taking a proper tour of the festival site and running around the various stages because we could, we ran off to see Blossoms and seeing from the front to the back how packed out the stage was. I was photo pitting for their photos and loved how they’ve revamped and tarted up so many old classics and slipped in a few new songs like ‘Honey Sweet’. 

It’s tremendous to see how far our boys from Stockport have come. 

Madness Y NOT Festival 2016

Finally we tailed off our festival having a few more of the squad join us for Madness. I suddenly remembered why I stored up all my energy and bounced along to the favourites like ‘Our House’, ‘Baggy Trousers’, ‘It Must Be Love’ and ‘One Step Beyond’.

It’s hard not to enjoy how good they are live.

Stephi LaReine Elsie and Fred Dress Festival

Y Not Festival 2016 Site

Blossoms Y Not Festival 2016

Until next year Y NOT, it’s been a fab weekend enjoying it with the squad and having some sleepovers in the Derbyshire countryside. I have a head full of delightful memories and still recovering days later, but it’s been the best.

Y Not Festival 2016 Stephi LaReine