Y NOT, has been voted Medium Festival Of The Year and the name lives up to its reputation. Whilst you’re able to walk from stage to stage in a matter of minutes, the incredible lineup wasn’t skimped upon as our weekend was filled with adventures and discovery.

Y NOT Festival Stephi LaReine 2016

Y NOT Festival Highlights – Day One

Photos by Stephi LaReine, Patrick McGuinness & Jake Marley

Y NOT Festival Everything Everything


Izzy Black Honey Stephi LaReine Flying Vinyl Craig

If I wasn’t watching a band I was occupied with meeting them backstage at the JD tent indulging in a JF Fire or 10. 

Our first act before setting up our tent was to see our boys back in Liverpool, The Jackobins channeling operatic vocals against dirty guitar – my fave! 

To follow our second band of the festival was Everything Everything and since last seeing them at Sound City 2015 they’ve stepped up their game, with a crowd spilling over the barrier to get a piece of EE, their harmonies resonated across the festival and making them one of my favourite festival acts to see. 

Jake Marley Patrick McGuinness The Jackobins

Everything Everything Y NOT Festival 2016

The Jackobins Stephi LaReine

Day one I spent more time speaking to bands than seeing them walking into practically everyone I knew in the music industry. 

We ran into a couple of known acts like Eagulles, Judas and Hidden Charms. 
Our final acts of the night was a good gal pal of mine Izzy from Black Honey, headlining the Jack Daniels tent and to follow was Deap Vally a two piece band steaming with girl power and such fierceness to blow the brains off anyone who walks into the tent. 

Caterpillar festival boots


Silk Bomber Jacket

Zaful White Dress

CAT Boots

Marc B Snakeskin Bag

Stephi LaReine Festival Style Inspiration Pink Hair Silk Bomber Jacket

My outfit was inspired by a few pieces I saw at Fashion Week with crochet trims and a short bell sleeve that I could throw over my favourite blush silk bomber jacket. Finally teamed with some trusty (and pretty cute) CAT boots, which saw me through a weekend of mud, and slipping and sliding. For me wellies are out, and ankle boots are in. They’re super comfortable and durable for all the elements. 

Y Not Festival 2016

Patrick McGuinness The Jackobins

Stephi LaReine Festival Style Blogger

Izzy Black Honey Y NOT Festival 2016

For me I’m not quite in the festival spirit without smothering some glitter all over my eyes. It’s also a clever way of hiding dark circles and sparkling in the rain. I got my glitter pack from FromNicLove which I highly recommend for a variety of different glitters, sequins and beads to get creative with. 

Black Honey 2016

Izzy Black Honey

Stephi LaReine Patrick McGuinness boyfriend

Y not festival 2016

Deap Valley 2016 Y NOT

Stay tuned for more adventures at Y NOT Festival.

John Jackobins Stephi LaReine