My two years of blogging has been a magical experience, I share my thoughts on how has changed my life in unimaginable ways. 

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My Thoughts On Two Years Of Blogging

Written by Stephi LaReine

Photos by Karyn Dickinson, Dave Knight, Jessica Holgate, Patrick McGuinness, Coco Cami, Bri Mansys, Jasmine Blair

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Little did I notice that mid-April I hit two years of blogging. It’s kind of odd looking back at my previous blog-iversary from progressing onto one year. It’s a well known fact that most blogs have a life span of a year and a half, and I always knew I would succeed this as from the first day of blogging online to the current day. As I’ve maintained the passion and creativity. It’s like it was the perfect platform for me from the start!

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It puts such a tremendous smile on my face to be have such an incredible full time job, that allows me to explore, meet wonderful people all throughout every walk of life who has been touched by my words and images.

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I feel very fortunate that since last summer I promised myself to go completely full time whilst finishing my degree, it’s meant that I can put my efforts into creating content that gets better and better with age.

I revamped everything with a new touch so that my advice will be eternal and not just seasonal. I wanted people to look back to the posts at the beginning and still feel they connect with me as a person, as anything I put up online is an honest slice of who I am.

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My blog since last year has me travelling to different countries, going to the biggest events and revelling in the life I always wanted,  and to be able to document it whilst paying the bills as I move up in the world.

This summer has been even more exciting whilst I’m sitting in the sunshine at more festivals than I can count on 2 hands. It’s like things are snowballing by the month and each day I wake up I can’t wait to get started on another day of having fun.

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I have little moments where I want to burst into tears as to how privileged I feel after working so hard, and being told by people over years that I was never good enough. I’m surrounded by a group of friends that truly understand who I am. Frankly this year has been the biggest eye opener to reality, in terms of where I stand in society as a person, my likes, my dislikes, and who I am. I’ve discovered so much and matured into a savvy individual with 100% control of my own life.

I’ve always measured my life like a set of scales balancing various elements such as relationships, family, friendships, education, a career and creativity. For the first time I really feel like every scale is equal to the next, the perfect zen where I can compose more wise decisions without the stress of compromising another in harmony.

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I want to thank every reader that’s ever been touched with my online venting, because without someone to read my posts and connect, this blog is relatively pointless, as it was intended for selfless reasons. The rest of 2016 will be spent having fun, now I’ve finished my degree and got myself a really high 1st (which I’m still celebrating on a daily basis over!) I’ve showcased my exhibition in a gallery, with so much outside interest that I’m going to start pursuing more artwork. I don’t think I’ve ever explained much about my intentions outside of full time blogging, as a fashion photographer and artist I promise more of this work will be up online. You might have seen the odd glimpse on instagram or twitter but that’s only a slice into my artistic life. 

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My blog has now become everything to me, as a one woman team I’m gradually turning into the #GirlBoss I always wanted to be. I’m so thankful I had a lightbulb moment and decided to open a space on the internet, it’s the best decision I ever made. I’ll continue to keep smiling as long as everyone else does, this blog is the motivation to leading a more rich and fulfilling life through experiences, self discovery and despite advising readers of products, it’s a choice like everything you do in this life, it’s never enforced but simply there for you to read, or not to read – but preferably read!

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I’ve evolving more through style, beauty, growing in travels and exploring what this wonderful world has had to offer. I’ve advised so many people to create blogs because having freedom of speech and allowing creative venting is so therapeutic, enlightening and builds you as a person as you vocalise your inner thoughts and grow more confident in your own being. I’m a much more positive person and willing to be impulsive with my decisions since writing online, it’s taught me to stand my ground for what I believe in and never let anyone ever bring you down for being unique.

My parents brought me up to be whatever I want to be and this year of blogging has made this dream become more of a reality.

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So even though it’s actually 2 years and 4 months, and not my 2 year blog-iversay, let us celebrate another successful dream maker.  I’d like to reflect back next year and see how things have changed again. Let these words reminds you every day that the hardest challenges are the ones you complete by yourself.

One phrase has been spinning through my mind in every decision I make, or if I feel a day that wasn’t as grand as yesterday that helps me to realise my achievements that is “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”  I think we can all resonate with this phrase as our aspirations are what define our uniqueness and to not become a cog in the machine of society. 

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With the degree finished, and going on to do my MA in Photography this opens up a new chapter in a new city, to express the things I’ve learnt over the past three years and put it all into practice. I’ve had such an overwhelming amount of support in my job, and I’m proud to call it mine and be the founder of something I’m extremely passionate about. I wouldn’t change my life for what it is, because this equal balance now allows me to keep refining and to dream bigger dreams.

 Dreams aren’t for when you’re asleep, you really can make them realities and spend your life with a constant smile on your face. 

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