It was only the other day that it occurred to me the one staple in everyones wardrobe that we could all do with owning. The days are getting fractionally colder and I’m already seeing so much autumn inspiration flittering around the internet. 

I’m getting hyped over chunky cardigans, cable knit scarves, Halloween and kicking around golden leaves. So today I’m sharing my go-to ankle boots this autumn. 

The Ankle Boot Edit 

Photos by Patrick McGuinness

Your feet take you on all sorts of adventures and it’s important to protect them from the cold. I believe ankle boots can see you through through it all. Ankle boots have always got your back. When I re-organise my shoe collection I always see an overwhelming amount of boots in every colour and pattern, they’re my favourite accessory that I can re-work into a series of outfits and also seem to last the longest in my wardrobe. 

I’ve just come back from the muddiest festival and it gave me peace of mind knowing my feet weren’t trashed wearing a comfortable, stable pair of shoes that didn’t leave my ankles soggy. So as much as our shoes look gorgeous as we use the streets as our catwalk, it’s important to be mindful about the functionalities of our shoes. I always vouch for a pointy toe rock’n’roll style of boot but as pretty as they are comfort and functional properties is the priority.

I’ve been digging House Of Frasers ankle boot collection right now, and eyeing up a pair of Kurt Geiger snakeskin boots, and gawping over Carvelas latest range. I love their diversity of range and can always find a good pair or two to add to my vast collection. 

Over the years I’ve learnt to not spend my money on fast fashion, and pieces that I can only get the odd use out of. By investing in better quality materials, cuts and patterns you’re drawn to take much better care of them, with the urge to style them up in as many ways as your heart desires.  I also believe by investing in better shoes we take care of our feet from long term damage, so it’s time to stop trying to squeeze into a smaller size because they’re the only size left in the sale. I’m sure you’ll find a beautiful pair of boots in another shop, that do stock your size!

So whether you like a lace up biker boot, or a knee high slouch boot, there’s something for everyones tastes. Soon enough sandals will be in your shoe pile and it’s time to decide what ankle boots will see you through the elements and take you on your newest adventure.