The final day of excitement, as my Latitude adventures have me running around the fields singing golden oldies and supporting local friends, getting a tan in baking heat and ending the weekend with a bang.

Diary Of Latitude Day Three

Photos by Stephi LaReine & Patrick McGuinness

It was another morning of Koka noodles (I haven’t had these in years) swilled down by a morning cocktail. I felt fresh and fabulous for another sunny day in paradise. The weather was scorchio and time to get some colour to my skin, which surprisingly worked for my ghost like complexion. 

Our final day started out with Laura Mvula, an extremely talented woman who everyone needs to listen to, she’s so likeable and you feel a part of something special every time you see her. We kicked back on the grass catching some rays and swaying along to her tunes. This was followed up with Mø and The Lumineers, even if we only stayed for a while – the baking heat required so so much water! 

We spent most of our day taking in the sights and beauty of the vibrant festival, visiting the sheep for the final time, whilst we took down our tent and packed everything up in the car for an early send off after New Order to beat the morning traffic. 

We spent so much time faffing around that we remembered Bill Bailey was on the Comedy stage and dashed up to watch him play cowbells and sing a morbid version of Happy Birthday, I got to see him a few months back and was taunted for walking to my seat a few minutes late so I was sure as hell I wasn’t going to be late for this set. He has me crying with laughter and tears streaming down my face in joy. If you’ve never watched him I vouch that you do so immediately! 


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Converse High Tops 

Nica Handbag

Zaful Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses

At festivals me and Paddy like to support local artists, because lately the best talent has been spilling out the north west and around the world. Two of our go to faves are Bill Ryder Jones, which I’ve seen at almost every festival I attend and some newbies on the scene that are already the names on everyones lips that are the the fabulously scouse Clean Cut Kid, I watched them last night at LIMF and they’re cheeky happy humour will get them so far and I can’t wait to watch them fly throughout the world. 

Our last few acts of the day were M83, such golden oldies and energy that got everyone turning their head to see their show. 

Last was my favourite, the real reason I wanted to go to Latitude and that was for New Order, it’s been a dream of mine to eventually go to see them live since I was little and despite having 3 days of tiredness from partying hard all my energy was saved up for spinning around at New Order. They blew me away on a level like no other, comparable to my experience of seeing The Cure back at Leeds Festival 2012, so enlightening to see such incredible musicians still putting smiles on peoples faces. Their shows are unlike anything you’ll ever see, and no doubt I’ll be picking up tickets again and again to relight the spark of how much I love them. 

It’s been beautiful, and I feel so privileged to have my festival season booked up with a new favourite  that I’ll be sure to come back to. 

Until next year Latitude, you’ve been a star!