Over the past year I’ve been meditating on positive thinking and how good things come to those who are respectful, and wise of their decisions. I also went to a Spa Day For The Soul at Kapucia which completely opened my mind to self love.

kapucia liverpool spa day for the soul

How To Improve Your Life Through Positive Thinking

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Today I’ll be sharing how to take care of you, and getting the best of your day to refine the future.

Kapucia is based on Lord Street in Liverpool. It’s a sanctuary for the soul, and a resting place where I experienced a Spa Day For The Soul which is a full day of workshops on raw food, the law of attraction, light yoga, crystal healing and a sound bath. Each giving food for thought on how our mind and bodies function in daily life, and each improving our holistic mentality towards ourselves in incredible mind expanding ways.

I had very little self confidence in myself years ago, and day by day it’s been building to the point where I feel comfortable, to stand up and talk about myself in a way I don’t deem to be big headed, and learnt that my achievements and progress in life is self love, and not a negative thing to shy away from. I learnt about the Law Of Attraction which simply means that if you think positively, good positive things will walk into your life. By making better decisions and choosing whats good that benefits you, naturally you’re detoxing any nasty toxic elements from you life.

 By controlling our brain to relax and become more mindful of our actions, we can instruct our body to become healthier. The stories inside the workshops inspired me to wake up every day and be truly thankful for everything, my home, my loved ones and my achievements. It kick boosts an attitude that sets you up for the day in a positive rhythm of happiness, and not only will your good spirits affect you but resonate with others and their day.


Kapucia taught me to appreciate everything. Mentioned in the seminar was a technique by Ho’oponopono a Hawaiian therapist who famously cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients by teaching them to say the phrase mentally every day “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” and it does have an impact on yourself. I no longer stress about little things, those thoughts when I couldn’t sleep at night are all dismissed in a bubble that floats away, so if it works to cure my insomnia then I think this technique can work for anyone.


What we put into our bodies makes us function in a particular way. At Kapucias raw food workshop I learnt how a lot of nurtrients aren’t absorbed into our bodies without eating them in their purest form. I’ve taken this decision to eat as much organic produce as I can. It doesn’t work for everyones diets but in the workshop they insist that they’re not preaching that you can only eat raw food but for what works for your budget, lifestyle and dietary needs. I’m always up for giving me diet a whirl of change and I’ve learnt that the energy and lifestyle of animals we eat can affect us internally, so making simple lifestyle changes (nothing drastic) like picking out free range animals can cure us mentally.


Our mental state is affected by our experiences and who we surround ourselves with. So changing your attitude to think positively through your experiences can also be a crucial way of recalibrating our happiness. Pick experiences that benefit you, and be selective about who you involve yourself with. If you’re in a group of people who respect, adore and cherish you then you’ll never have an issue to think negatively of.
Kapucia spoke in a workshop about raising your vibrations and overall aura with simple techniques of self love, and learning to give back to others. Simply put – treat people how you would like to be treated. I personally think once you’ve nailed how to self love, and love others, your overall attitude towards anything will be more productive.


I tried out crystal healing and learnt all the important properties of symbolism, and whilst this technique may not be for everyone it does hold significance in how we depict a mood. A bad thought can be channeled into a physical object. It’s essentially how we associate things mentally to tune into how our brain deals with memory. The most important sense that picks up on memory is smell, and after that hearing. We can re-associate our toxic thoughts by putting it into something else, it’s like listening to a song throughout a negative time in your life, and becoming sad whenever you hear it, to which the cure is to listen to it again in a lovely moment.
Crystals can work the same way, although with crystal healing they’re placed over a chakra that’s burdening you and can be buried in the ground to dismiss that energy. As explained in Kapucias workshops we are all just vibrations and waves, and how we resonate in the universe can not only affect us, but other people.

This is where the importance of meditation comes in, where we take that time to rest and be mindful of everything. Channeling a wish or thought of the day into a meditation session can be incredibly freeing and reviving, and the wonderful part about meditating is that it can be done anywhere. Kapucia mentioned how taking 20 minutes out of each day can soothe the soul of burden. They teach some fantastic techniques on how to breathe to get the most from your deep thought, and trying out their classes has put me in a good space of mind constantly.

I ended my Spa Day For The Soul with a sound bath; a unique experience of various drums, gongs and instruments are played around you to encourage the mind to broaden and space out as they vibrate near your body. Which I think is an important aspect of positive thinking, that is to allow your mind to wander and absorb the rich thoughts to wave over you to the music.

My experiences have deepened how I think of myself and see other people. It’s helped me become very aware of my choices, and how to approach decisions with more wisdom. I think everyone can benefit from a little self love and positive reinforcement as the world would be a much happier place. Give yourself the chance to open up in a workshop and discover yourself.