For my birthday present I was surprised with a holiday to Tenby in Wales, which is a pastel town full of picture-esque spots by the seaside, read about my adventures below!

A Pastel Dream In Tenby

Photos by Stephi LaReine & Patrick McGuinness


This really is a gorgeous part of the world, full of little hidden treasures like this pastel cafe and Oceans Restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat straight from the sea – as fresh as it gets!

We arrived there when the triathlon was happening, so you can imagine my delight when they’re playing Lana Del Rey as I step down onto the beach and see thousands of people diving into the water for a swim. It was absolute heaven and such a lush surprise for the lead up to my birthday and the day I also found out I’m graduating with a High ranking 1st Class Degree, much celebrations!

We spent the weekend running down the beach in the rain, cave hunting, popping into the local art galleries and historical museums, whilst eating fresh cockles by the seaside. There’s one thing that brought a smile to my face is the story about why Patrick picked to take me here… Not only is it pastel heaven and put hearts in my eyes, but that he hadn’t been back since he was 10, and wanted to share a new experience with me. Sometimes you look around and think ‘How on earth can this be in Wales?’ As it has so many French and Italian references within the architecture, so it feels like distant Europe on your doorstep. 


Bonprix Crochet Dress

Marc B Thistle Bag

Long Tall Sally Sandals

Storm Watch (similar)

Boden Gold Spot Dress

Fred Perry Bomber Jacket

We ended our  trip with a day out to Heathertons, a day full of zipwiring, archery, shooting, softball, go karts and crazy golf. This was the first time I got behind the wheel of a car (even if it was a go kart) and somehow managed to crash twice at 55mph. Well done Stephi. Holidays where it rains and holidays where accidents happen can only put the biggest of smiles on your face. When the car instructor ran over to ask if I was hurt he just found me giggling my head off. Holidays are about the memories you keep with good company, it’s not worrying if your hair gets wet, or you get dirt on your knees. In the spirit of good fun you’re willing to try anything and everything and I hope I can have more impulsive trips. 

It truly was the loveliest surprise I could ask for as a birthday present and I really wanted to share my experience with everyone to try something new and live a little.