Whilst I’ve been sitting inside watching Glastonbury getting all heart eyed over footage of my favourite bands in the middle of a field, it made me take a step back and think about what summer means to us all and how we can all benefit from getting out and making bodacious memories.

stephi lareine polaroids festivals

Every summer it’s my goal to try things I’ve never done, to engage and spend as much time out in the elements as I can possibly strive for.

It’s a more than well established fact that I primarily spend my summer in festivals, it makes me feel alive without a care in the world. It’s the feeling of throwing your arms in the air, with a summers breeze and the laughter of friends that keeps the rainbow shining. 

 I’m very fortunate that my job as a full time blogger get to travel the world, go to the biggest shows and see previews of exciting things. But I want everyone to feel like they can bring a smile to their face in one way or another. I know how it feels to be totally engulfed in a trance of pure joy, and how I love telling stories from those moments. So I want to look at people and know when they tell me their stories that their summer was the best they’ve ever had!

What I love about blogging is that I can share my experiences, and buzz off the mass amount of people who are willing to read about my adventures. This is really why the blog was created, to inspire and show the world how colourful and fantastic making memories is. This blog would be nothing without the mixture of opinion, exploration and photographs from my daily excursions to tantalise, and give food for thought in other peoples lives. It’s giving you that kick up the bum to go sit in the sun or visit an old friend, and enjoy the world for everything it’s given you, than just sitting at a screen throughout the day and night and looking at other people having fun. By stepping out the front door you’ve started a new journey to a new summer memory.

This summer my goals are to travel as much as my feet can handle, dance till I fall over, sing and laugh till I have no voice, and finally get a tattoo, I gawp at so many tattoos and I feel like now is the prime time to epitomise a memory or two. By getting a tattoo it provides me with the lovely memory of the day I decide to put ink to skin of my feelings. It’s to encompass summer as a mark on my arm of how beautiful it is to be free and happy, so I can look down when I’m struggling and remember that everything is okay.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal though? To stay free and happy forever? That’s the long term plan. As much as I love winter and all the wonderful things that come from being snug inside with my loved ones, I’ve come to realise my happiest memories are in the sunshine, so travelling has been planned for the winter so this grin from ear to ear carries me through the new year.

It’s the prime time to make some memories that one day you’ll be telling your grandchildren, you’re the best person who you are today to run around experiencing all the challenges that life throws at you, but your aim is come out the other side with that grin and remember that everything is wonderful.