Today we’re chatting Flying Vinyl the best monthly subscription box for music lovers. 

Monthly Vinyl Subscriptions

Photos by Stephi LaReine

I love my monthly boxes, but this niche service put hearts in my eyes. With Flying Vinyl not only are you discovering new bands but you’re also supporting upcoming artists. They also look pretty snazzy in my vinyl collection.

I find kicking back to the nice crackle of vinyl is so soothing, it helps rebalance me. My love of vinyl came from my Dad. As we’re both creatives we both appreciate the aesthethic of vinyl, that it’s something tactile that you can hold and have a flick through whilst listening to. I get absorbed into album art so easily, as its a piece designed around that single or album. When I was growing up one of the jobs I told the careers advisors in school was that I wanted to design art for musicians. It’s still a dream I’m partially pursuing as I find nothing more relaxing than getting lost in a painting or drawing to a piece of music. 

In Aprils box I received 7″ singles from Black Honey – All My Pride/On Your Time (They’re one of my all time favourites!) It’s blue and looks like I could hang it on the wall. As well as INHEAVEN – Baby’s Alright / Meat Somebody, which is a fabulous green hue. Other singles included Oscar – Sometimes / Gone Forever, Skinshape – Summer / Mandala and Sugarthief – Crowing Youth / New Ends.

There’s such an ease and convenience to Flying Vinyl in that I don’t have to worry about hunting down singles when Flying Vinyl have got it pretty much covered with my music taste. Give it a whirl as every month is a belter and your vinyl collection will be thriving by the end of each year!