I got the chance to interview upcoming artist Lucy Spraggan on her thoughts as a musician, as well as her ultimate style and music collabs. I’m seeing her at Y NOT Festival with one of her biggest gigs of the year coming up very soon (29th-31st July) 

Lucys loveably relaxed look, teamed with her witty lyrics make her a niche female artist and something everyone can relate to, and having a sense of humour makes us love Lucy even more. Since her audition on the X Factor in 2012 Lucy has evolved into more mature lyrics that’s more easy listening. I’ve always felt listening to her is like reading a chapter in a book, refreshing and like poetry. 

You’re about to hit 25, do you think year by year you’re evolving as a musician, and do you ever look back and think about how far you’ve come?

Don’t remind me! I do often stop and take a look at everything; I played my first show when I was 12 at Crich Tram festival and have done so many different types of shows and tours since then. I really love what I do and I feel really lucky.

Who or what has influenced you throughout your musical career?

I’ve always love music that tells a story – my mum used to listen to Don Maclean and Kirsty Maccoll in the car. I think that music has stayed with me, especially Don Maclean. I’d say he is a huge influence musically.

What’s your ultimate gig outfit?

I literally wear what I wear from day to day. I think as long as you’re comfortable then that’s what’s best to play in. Comfy shoes are a must.

Where do you see you and your music taking you in years to come, do you have any aspirations?

I hope to tour America soon, there’s some plans in the pipeline and I’d really love to see them formulate. I absolutely love touring and hope to do this for the rest of my life, I suppose that’s my aspiration – to continue!

Who would be your ultimate collaboration on stage be with?

I’d love to work with a rapper. Watsky is amazing.

Style plays a huge part in personality, do you think your fashion reflects you as a person, and how so?

I think so. Some people are very flamboyant in their performance and that’s often reflected in their fashion. I’m very relaxed and my shows are quite chilled too, I almost always wear jeans and a t shirt. I don’t know too much about fashion!

2016 seems to be your year of getting back out and connecting with people, what’s been your best experience of 2016 so far?

Getting back on the road and writing more music that I actually enjoy writing. I went through that phase of writing songs for radio and listening to A & R with very little result or pleasure from it. I’m now writing lots of music that is like the stuff I started of writing.

What festival are you most looking forward to playing? 

Y Not of course!

Lucys effortless charm is going to carry her far in her music, she’s the girl next door with a guitar, she dresses comfortably and this overall reflects her relaxed attitude towards her stage prescense and goes hand in hand with her lyrics. Big things are to be expected from Lucy Spraggan, first the UK, then America, then the world!

I can’t wait to see her at Y NOT, and start singing Tea And Toast!