Todays ensemble is a palm house dream in white summer dresses and snakeskin boots.

How To Style Ankle Boots 2016 Stephi LaReine Outfits

I’ve been loving contrastive prints and working with textures that combine bright fabrics, with animal print. I think it’s my inner Mick Jagger coming out. It’s daring to be different and trying something new to break out your old habits.  All my summer dresses lately have been swapped from being short and floaty to being long and heavier.

JD Williams Snakeskin Boots


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Bonprix Crochet Maxi Dress

JD Williams Snakeskin Boots

how to style ankle boots

I wanted to offer up some styling tips on how to style your favourite dresses with snazzy ankle boots, they’re only a few guidelines I like to follow that have helped me, but styling is completely up to you! I promise trying out one of these will benefit your summer!

Be brave – Unique fashion is being daring about your choices and trying something new that fits you and yours personality whether that’s going for a bolder print, taming down your usual outfits, or experimenting with a new shape. I can promise instant confidence when you break out your regular habits, you never know it could be the exact thing you’re looking for!

Measure up properly – The problems I have as a tall girl, with larger feet can hinder my choices but lately I’ve been channeling dresses that show more ankle as I like my boots to make a statement as much as my ensemble, but when picking dresses make sure you’re not trailing or picking a shorter cut unless that’s your thing!

Ditch the tights –  I always wear tan coloured tights but I’ve been baring to get my pins out in this beautiful weather, also if you’re going to go for a maxi dress like I have, you’re covered up so no need for tights in hot weather. It’s summer and time to free your legs and get some air!

Go for a drawstring – Drawstrings can pull in your waist so you can see your gorgeous shape underneath, maxi dresses can skim past all the good stuff so if you wanna pull in your dress for a curvy silhouette, style up your maxi with a belt or drawstring (This may also help if your dress is a tad too long!) 

Let me know what your favourite boots and dresses tips are!

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Photography: Patrick McGuinness