Colour blocking is great for pattern shy people, by separating out the colours you can concentrate on shape or colour combinations. It’s a really fun and easy way of wearing pieces that transition from day to night and can be worn for all occasions.

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Easy tips for Colour Blocking 

Photography by Patrick McGuinness

I’ve fallen in love with primary colours lately so I’ve been sporting solid colours and twists on simple British designs with a wacky extra something. Colour blocking is a crazy way of trying out a minimalistic look but not compromise colour. 

boden stripe heels colour blocking


colour blocking your wardrobe


Quiz Red Ribbed Mesh Skater Dress

The Mix Blue Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sophie Fleming Navy Crossbody Bag

Daniel Wellington Watch

Boden Stripe Heels

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Todays ensemble has a gorgeous skater dress from Quiz, the ribbed mesh texture combines a summery feel to an outfit that I could wear out to dinner or popping out shopping in. I love how I can rework a bold silhouette with a pair of heels or converse. I’ve focused on clean cut lines in this look which combines my Sophie Fleming crossbody bag and my Boden stripe shoes. They’re so reworkable for a formalised look that changes up my usual Boho style. Navy is graduating dominating my wardrobe piece by piece and against a red, I’m falling in love with this simple outfit. 

Sophie Fleming crossbody navy bag from where I stand

With colour blocking I like to keep my accessories quite minimal to go with the feel of the outfit so working in a pair of cat eye sunglasses and a striped watch was key to completing a striped colour blocking ensemble. 

I think the main aspect about colour blocking is picking a handful of colours and having fun with what you can get away with, there are no rules, only you create the rules so go crazy with colours if you dare not for prints!

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