We all know I’m a sucker for a cocktail or two, it was an immediate yes when I saw a masterclass being hosted in one of my favourite restaurants in Liverpool.

Turtle Bay Cocktail Masterclass


Turtle Bay Hanover Street Review

If you haven’t tried out Turtle Bay I honestly urge you to find your nearest and indulge in some spicy Caribbean food, since the masterclass all I’ve been craving is curried goat and sweet potato fries. Turtle Bay does that to you, so I’ve been replicating it at home, but frankly there’s nothing better than the real thing!

Hanover Street Cocktails

My evening was spent whipping up some funky cocktails behind the bar, learning about the stories in the wild Caribbean and how the place was started up. It was about time in the past year Turtle Bay came running with fresh cocktails and hot food all the way up to Liverpool, and we’ve never looked back!

I learnt some nifty bar tricks (not quite onto flipping bottles around the room yet) like holding the bottles by the neck to do an accurate pour and how to count free measurements when serving up drinks. 

Turtle Bay Liverpool Review

I made a Marley Mojito, a personal favourite with Appleton Special rum, Midori, fresh mint & watermelon, home-made ginger beer. A Tabago Tea with rum, tequila, vodka, gin, triple sec, fresh lemon, mango & lemonade. Lastly followed by a Bay Bramble, the classic drink of mine in Turtle Bay. 

It’s not a proper visit to Turtle Bay unless accompanied by their delicious food, trying more from the menu than I could possibly fit in, as I said curried goat is my go to, but having the best chilli fried squid I’ve ever had, followed by a Beach Food Platter, Mo’ Bay Chicken and Jerk Chicken Wings – total heaven! Check out their uh-mazing menu, dabble in a few cocktails and you’ll be hooked!

Turtle Bay are on both Hanover Street and Victoria Street, each location with a truly unique vibe, playing true ska and reggae all day, every day and when there’s two for one on cocktails it’s perfect for a night out and nibble! If you’ve tried Turtle Bay let me know what you like!