If you can’t shift your weight through the gym, 3-D Lipo will help you be as confident as possible with very little effort. 


I went to Lipo Liverpool on Rodney Street to have two treatments done to my thighs and found the effects to be miraculous…and that’s only the beginning!

If you’ve got an insanely busy lifestyle like me, and cannot make any time for the gym, 3-D Lipo could be your calling. Men and women are beautiful no matter size they are, but sometimes our self esteem can be flattened by unreasonable expectations in society of body image or the genetics we were given. Whilst we should strive to embrace our shapes, there’s nothing wrong with lifting your self esteem to take care of excess skin from weight loss or busting those tough couple of pounds to hit your goal!

Before I start explaining my journey I want to clarify that the thought of knives and sedatives makes me very queazy, so I see this as a better alternative for someone who wants a more toned body, without having to put in the work at the gym or get an extra bank loan for surgery.

I love my body and I’ve grown to except it’s a formation of genetics, my diet and my lifestyle. Although I strive to eat as cleanly as possible I’ve always had bigger thighs as most women have in my family, that’s just where we hold our weight and that’s made me a little self conscious because I wish I could shift around my schedule to tone up, even just a little. 

But from the results of a 2 hour treatment I’m positive to stick with my lifestyle and use this as a way of boosting myself before I slip into a bikini if I ever feel problematic. 

 I don’t compare myself to any other woman because that’s down to their body shape, diet and habits as we have completely different lifestyles but having the 3-D Lipo was something I wanted to do for myself just to tone up the part of me that’s slightly held me back. 

I’m very happy with my weight, but because I’m so busy working and seeing people I never have time to hit the gym to tone, and that’s really the one thing I could accommodate for, just toning. I really want to get back into  running which will help me tone but I found having 3-D Lipo gave me a major boost through a time where it’s quite literally impossible to spare some time every day to hit the streets running. 

3-D Lipo has revolutionised the world of body shaping, with no scars, no downtime, no special diet and the effects are permanent as long as you don’t overdo the binging. 

The secret is all in the machine and the quantity of water you drink. With regular clients like Amy Childs and Coleen Rooney if it’s good enough for the babes with banging bods then it’s good enough for me! With the safest technology around to date I feel confident in these treatments and how they will react to my body having been tested and seen incredible results!


I had two treatments done 3-D LipoFreeze, and 3-D Cavitation both encouraged to kill fat cells by breaking them down. 


Let’s talk 3-D LipoFreeze first, it gets rid of the stubborn pockets of fat. So in my case that’s the back of my thighs under my bum, literally no exercise has got rid of this. Cellulite is so common and despite drinking an unspeakable amount of water daily nothing has been able to shift this, so during my appointment I specified this was my ‘problem’ area and is the only thing that would stop me strutting around super confident 24/7 in whatever I like, it’s now given me the confidence to do that already. 

So the treatment itself involved having to raise my dress (only a bit)  to have two sheets placed on the area followed by two suctioning clamps, it’s an odd sight and can be a bit cold but don’t let the word ‘freeze’ sway you, it’s just a bit cold…I mean I have got my bum out? But they do ask if you want the room warming so you don’t get chilly or if you’re not confident having an area exposed you can request a blanket.  This is left on for 45 minutes, giving you time to tweet, answer emails, play a game before they’re removed leaving no mark to be seen. 

In your aftercare you are instructed to drink more than your usual consumption of water as the fat cells are broken down into your urine, and can take anywhere between one week to twelve as to how your body responds to the treatment, but once it’s gone,  it really is gone! 

I’m currently on week 5 and can see a noticeable different, because I’m sipping water every second to hopefully see results quicker. Although you may not see immediate results when you walk out the clinic there’s a lot of faith in that the fat does come off, and now the area is toned, more together and flattened, which makes my bum look more curvy and thighs flatter, so at an early stage I’m super happy, and the results will be updated as the weeks go by. 


Whilst the 3-D Cavitation is the immediate toner. This is the treatment I walked out the clinic with a massive smile on my face when I saw the results of my inner thighs.  It’s a much more stranger sensation, as it uses ultrasound technology that’s rubbed into the inside of each thigh for 15 minutes each. This is where I saw the immediate effect! If I wanted both treatments on the same area to see the maximum effect I’d have to leave it 7 days as it’s combining hot and cold technologies so I vouched for my inner thighs that day. 

 The ringing sensation in my ears was the only odd element about this treatment as you feel like you’re shouting to talk, but the second the device leaves your skin the ringing stops, as that’s because it’s ultrasonic waves going through your body. It’s all completely safe for a none pregnant woman to go in, and it’s not just for women too, men get it frequently for beer bellies, excessive skin from weight loss, or a quick fix before a big event.

What I love is that the price tag attached by comparison to normal surgery doesn’t seem unreachable, and not exclusive to celebrities because everyone should be able to be happy in their body and through a treatment like 3-D Lipo, everyone can carry on with their lives without taking time off of work and no strict regime to stick by. The only rule being is to stick to the water. 


My thighs measured in at 23 inches each, and straight after the treatment then measured in at 20.5 inches, the results speak for themselves whilst this is only the beginning. I felt it’s an important element to mention that this treatment is not just a one day fad, this has prolong lasting effects on your body, and the fat isn’t shifted to other areas which can happen with other surgery, the fat is literally gone. I’ve been bad at taking the time out to measure myself weekly as I like to go by appearence and not get hooked on numbers, but by week 5 I can see such a difference, as I’m slipping into jeans I couldn’t before!

I was told not to have an extremely hot bath, stay away from caffeine or alcohol for 24 hours, she said it’s not a strict rule but to maximise the chances of the fat and skin going down it’s preferable. I had a warm to hot bath that night because I wanted to relax but stayed very mindful of the treatments and stuck to my water which ranges between 2-3 litres per day, this is partially because I’ve found it a better alternative for caffeine in the morning and freshens me up more. 

I’m going to update this post with as many photos week by week so the progression can be seen and the effects it’s had on my body. 

It really feels like a none strenuous treatment and it’s over and done with so quickly, and even shorter if you only go for one! With such simple lifestyle changes this treatment has changed the lives of so many including my own, and heard some incredible stories of people losing over 10 stone and the excess skin being completely taken care of, totally tight and toned after one or two treatments, it really does seem too good to be true but I promise it’s amazing technology that’s changing my self esteem daily, which to me is the most important aspect of this treatment as I feel more confident to look like how I do! If you’ve got any stories to share, or need any advice on the treatment be sure to get in contact as I’m 100% vouching for confidence and feeling beautiful!