I’ve been taking better care of my skin lately, so I went down to Crystal Clear for an Oxygen Facial to freshen up my face.


Having never experienced a facial before, I always knew I wanted the first to be special. I popped down to Crystal Clear for a treatment as it combined a few techniques to get my face looking bright and wonderful!

The treatment felt like breathing life into my skin, having had my makeup all cleansed off, gorgeous moisturisers lavished on my face and neck, followed by oxygen jetted into my skin. 

I was craving a quick fix, to boost a dull complexion and Crystal Clear certainly delivered on that front. As I strolled out of the building without any makeup and even on a hot day, feeling as cool as an ice cube without a care in the world. My skin felt more taught as it raised my cheekbones, tucked together my neck and jawline, eventually when I got home that night I had the full opportunity to examine my face and the most noticeable part of my face was under my eyes where I have dark heavy eye bags that was sweeped away and flattened. Overall the dewy glow was comparable to when I wear highlighter, which speaks volumes about when I actually applied makeup over the top.

It gave me an effortless radiance and when working with my usual makeup routine has made me look more flawless than I ever have been before.

The treatments involve two skincare techniques: Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Therapy.

Combining the two, means your skin can be opened up through the Microdermabrasion, creating channels to funnel through the oxygen, penetrating deeper layers which is where the oxygen plumps up your skin, giving that natural radiance from the inside-out!

This can cover a whole list of issues that occur in the skin, making it a multi-functional treatment to have if you have concerns about any of the following; acne scarring, sun damage, dull dehydrated skin, lines, wrinkles.

My verdict on the treatment is one big smile and two thumbs up for feeling beautiful without having to wear any makeup to hide anything. My acne scarring has massively reduced and I’m still feeling incredibly fresh faced and revived even now so trying out this treatment has made me want to delve into experimentation of more Crystal Clear treatments

I’ve been following up my facial with a new skincare routine of their products so I can look fresh as a daisy for as long as possible. It’s worth the hype for fabulous skin!