Styling up a combination of bright colours with mixed patterns and dabbling in new and fresh designers waiting to be discovered.

Ziztar dress fashion stephi lareine

Spring is in the air, I spent a few days over at Maesmor Hall taking in the sights and sounds of the gorgeous Welsh countryside an hours drive from me. 

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Ziztar Dress

Blue Suede Boots

stephi lareine fashion pink purple hair blogger

ziztar dress pink purple hair

 Lately I’ve been experimenting with a lot of modern designers works juxtapositioning a relationship of colours and block prints in ways I usually wouldn’t style up, but lately found sanctuary in pieces like smock dresses as I adore flowing cuts and vouching for clothes that hang in a spring breeze and leaving the fitted tailoring for later in the year.

ziztar dress fashion My Ziztar dress has so many elements of a relaxed casual but quirky dress that I can throw on my blue suede boots for, a relaxed pair of trainers or style up with high heels for a mixed bag of spring looks that will carry me through the season. My usual go-to is to whip on a bright jacket and a matching bag but not having to carry a bag through my travels have been a massive bonus and enjoying some sunny memories without lugging round my usual daily items. `

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Ziztar’s SS16 collection is a mixture of colours, comical or David Hockney type prints from the creative duo Mabel and Zuice who have been showcasing their collection all around London and Hong Kong demonstrating their mixed thoughts of fabrics. I love how effortless the prints look incorporating a childlike element into their pieces, which is so very me as I love good prints with colours.

stephi lareine ziztar dress blue suede boots

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