It’s a great time to be tall, a young American woman called Judy Rich created Long Tall Sally in 1976, to create luxurious style for the taller women, starting off in London. How I’ve been thankful since the age of 13 to have clothes that properly fit my taller proportions. I opened up their new store in Manchester for a major styling session!

From cutting the ribbon to giving out styling tips to all customers on the grand opening of the worlds best tall brand for women. 


Long Tall Sally, has been a favoured brand since I hit a teenager being blessed with extremely long legs I usually find it impossible to find a pair of jeans that aren’t a few inches too short. Until a few years back when I went bonkers after my discovery of LTS. It’s been life changing to not have to compromise style for fit since Long Tall Sally calls the shots for style. 

From their Boudoir collection to TTYA that you’ll see me in time and time again, their Manchester store has more to offer than merely workwear, partywear and casualwear LTS thinks of the modern woman with every colour in mind, every cut imaginable to fit and perfect their customers. 

For once I didn’t feel ridiculous lusting after dungarees that would come up to my knees, and with the quality of fabrics better than high street the money you pay seems extremely fair for investment pieces that can be reworked year after year. 

I spent my afternoon styling up customers and giving them a slice of what I’m about. Seeing happy smiles with outgoing women breaking out their fashion boundaries always puts a smile on my face and kick started job interviews, christenings, weddings, date nights and even the odd lady off to the races. What a love is the positive atmosphere that everyone is willing to help each other out with tips, because all us tall gals stick together through everything!


Long Tall Sally Kimono

Long Tall Sally White Turtleneck

Long Tall Sally Denim Culottes

Long Tall Malta Lace Up Suede Sandals

It was such a fun filled afternoon really connecting with like minded individuals as sometimes being tall makes you think there’s hardly anyone out there that faces the same shopping struggles, but it’s safe to say us tall girls are definitely taken care of!

Photography by The Mancorialist

The style in store varies from every element of style, I swayed more towards the denim and floral collections, but did swoon over some tailored jackets and suit trousers. Got to love a bit of structured styling! Their shoe collection is something to shout from the rooftops too as they have a collection of espadrilles, ballet flats, suede sandals, trainers and heels for all occasions. I’m sporting their suede sandals which are super comfy and are going to serve me well throughout summer and my travels across the globe.

Check out Long Tall Sally for on trend style, fashion inspiration and how to get the best looks to fit your tall frame!

Also with a selection of stores across the UK, not just Manchester, find a store near you!