Big feet come with the territory of being tall, the struggle is no longer real of finding shoes to fit a larger foot that look banging for summer!

Long Tall Sally If The Shoe Fits

Throughout my teen years is was seemingly impossible to find shoes that flattered my feet, due to the width and length of my foot. People often forget that to be proportionate with your height you need a bigger foot, and having found a brand that do both style and comfort it’s changed my daily life not having to worry about compromising. 

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High street stores never catered to my size, and it’s only been in the past few years that I’ve found it much easier to not have to compromise my tastes in footwear just to accommodate my bone structure for comfort. I still found that these shops didn’t pull their weight to design a shoe that looks right, they always looked great on sizes 4-7 but 8+ looked daft and a last minute thought. Checking out my available options Long Tall Sally have been my calling for years, and something I want to share to my fellow tall/big footed gals!

tan sandals for bigger feet

I’m so glad that those days are long gone, I fell in love with these tan sandals from Long Tall Sally, who do an extensive range of footwear from heels, ballet flats, sandals and trainers from sizes 7-13. I’ve never been able to do a full day full of meetings, events, going out in the evening without my feet suffering from squished toes and unbearable blisters, gruesome I know, but it’s the truth and it happens to all women who put their feet through torture for the pretty shoes they bought. 

So why should we suffer when there’s now so much range out there now!?

tan suede sandals for bigger feet

I’ve come to the decision lately that women shouldn’t have to suffer whatsoever, and we should simply just pick out shoes we have no trouble in walking in. For summer these tan sandals have given me the freedom to style up the odd anklet (yes that trend was never forgotten in my house) and run free out and about with the comfort of not having to carry plasters. They’re my perfect summer pair and I simply cannot stop wearing them! 

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What I love about Long Tall Sally is that the shoes are so flattering on my feet and keep me in the loop with my favourite trends from fashion like strappy laces and good quality suede that doesn’t fall to bits. It honestly gave me a new lease of life to just forget about my shoes, and just have a great time! They’ve just launched a new range called If The Shoe Fits from which these sandals came from and fallen head over heels for their flats and gladiators!

tan heeled suede sandals

Stephi LaReine Liverpool fashion and style blogger

finding summer shoes for bigger feet

What brands do you all shop at, can you offer any tall gal or big feet advice I want to hear your stories!

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