We drove down to Stafford throughout the snow (magical right?) to go for a snuggly spa day in the middle of the countryside with hot jacuzzis as we sipped wine whilst it snowed. 

On welcome we were walked around the grounds and given the freshest glass of orange juice I’ve ever had, there’s nothing better than freshly squeezed OJ.

One of the many factors about Moddershall Oaks is that there’s no pressure to explore and do it all, some people simply come to lounge around in a bath robe, slippers and curling up on their super squishy sofas with a good book and blanket. But there’s people like me and Guin who try to do it all, and yes that does include the tennis court, where I shortly discovered how unhealthy I am after 10 minutes of what seemed not very intimidating tennis, then remembered I’m against someone who adores sport (unlike moi!).

There’s so much choice to puruse from hydrotherapy pools, to mist showers where you can experience the Amazon in 2 minutes. I took a shining to the outdoor jacuzzi that’s warmer than a bath and with the snow coming down it felt like a fairytale.


We were treated to a two course meal and enjoyed strolling around a lush restaurant in a bathrobe. An experience I really want everyone to experience.

We both went for risotto fritters on a rocket salad, nothing too heavy for swimming.

I followed up with one of my favourite dishes of chicken breast, pesto, mushrooms and tagliatelle pasta mmmm. That’s all just mmmmm.

Guin however went for red meat, with a beef dish with a side of mash and broccoli in a thick broth gravy. A winter warmer and a half!

We tried out a couple of treatments as we were scheduled in before lunch for a chocolate wrap and vanilla chocolate orange scrub. We walked out completely zen and smelling very yummy. My treatment was followed by a light head massage after a tense week at university I felt a lot of tension around my head and shoulders so a well deserved treat in the countryside.

After our intense game of tennis that lasted no more than 20 minutes, we got back to chilling and went for a woodland stroll around the grounds and sat by the lake.

Which holds an alter, with surrounding wedding chairs. It’s so picturesque and having been to a wedding wish the couple could have known about the beauty of Moddershall Oaks!


Boden polka dot dress

Red Converse

Alpaca Coat

I went home feeling super revived and refreshed from what seemed like a timeless day, no clocks, no consistent phone checking just me spending time with my favourite and indulging in some wonderful treatments. Check out Moddershall Oaks Spa for your next spa day in the countryside.