Need a stress reliever? Take out all the tension through a spa treatment.

Lush Spa Day Liverpool Review

I ran off 10 minutes away from mine to my local Lush in Liverpool for a spa treatment that revolutionized my stress levels and gave me so much confidence for work.

Lush Kitchen Liverpool

Lush offer so many treatments, and it’s crazy to think amongst all the hustle and bustle of a high street store is suddenly so silent and calming through one little door of the shop. 

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I was guided upstairs to Constantines kitchen, a cute old english living room that smells like a dream and takes out all the city noise. After filling in a medical form I was asked what I wanted out of my relaxing few hours. Because I had a couple of stand up talks to do over the weeks I wanted to ooze confidence something I find quite difficult in front of a lot of people. 

lush spa liverpool review

I opted for the Synesthesia treatment, as it combined a multi-sensory experience. Having Synesthesia myself I understand completely how two senses can be combined to create a creative wonderful way of thinking. Synesthesia comes in many forms and with me it’s the relationship with colour and sound.

My masseuse talked me through how the treatment would go, and wanted me to pick out a word from the large blackboard that spans the wall of the kitchen, something that I was drawn to. As I mentioned I felt like I was lacking confidence so on the small chalkboard handed to me I wrote the word ‘confidence’ so it would instil this from start to finish and something that I will discover for myself.

synesthesia treatment lush spa liverpool

Whilst my room was being prepared I was to pick a bottle from the shelf, something I’m drawn to either through colour or the Alice In Wonderland-esque labels so I picked the green bottle Determination, which contains peppermint and ingredients to help open up the chest and breathe properly and think more clearly. 

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The treatment room is so incredibly zen, from start to finish you’re given the time and space to do things the way you want to, and you have so much control over the situation. 

The treatment itself meant stripping down to just pants and the hot towels keeps you so warm and snug whilst the treatment happens. 

With Synesthesia you’re given the choice between either having an extra tummy massage or hot stones, and I obviously went for hot stones as I was so intrigued as to how they work. It was an incredible experience overall.

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The start of the treatment involved starting a new morning so the ongoing sounds revolved around of morning birds, a light breeze whilst the time goes by the sounds turn to night time and back to the morning all within an hour and half to start a fresh new day of feeling confident. 

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Throughout the treatment my masseuse used a specific confidence bar that used the essential oils I picked out. Whilst the oils were poured into dry ice and walked around me, which really opened up my chest and left all worries at home. 

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After my treatment I felt revived and awoken with no stresses, I couldn’t stop smiling and nothing could have put me down from living on a cloud. 

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The final part of the treatment was a cup of tea which also had the essential oil in, which brought some clarity back to my day and left me happy without feeling in a daze. I didn’t want to leave the living room and spent over an hour talking to the lady who did my massage. As I left she gave me some goodies including a couple of massage bars with ‘confidence’ on it the same bars she used throughout my treatment so from home I can continue my fantastic mood. 

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I felt it made a great impact on how I thought for over a week, my stand up talks went swimmingly and I felt like I was smiling at more people and left me feeling wonderful through the weeks. 

Personally for the price to be paid it gives you such a fufilling lasting effect and the multisensory massage is unlike anything you will ever try! 

Lush do a huge range of treatments which I plan to try them all! Check out all the spa treatments here!