The world knows the best eyebrows come from Liverpool and I’m going to reveal some details of The Secret Warehouse in which the masters are at work doing HD Brows.

HD Brows Brow Club Liverpool

The Secret Warehouse encompasses the ideas of The Law Of Attraction, which means no signs, no directions, no address, just your positive thinking and destiny will bring you to this sacred warehouse in the middle of nowhere. 

HD Brows The Brow Club Liverpool


hd eyebrows treatment

It’s home to some of the best companies but it’s so tucked away and hidden no single person on the high street could possibly find it, that’s what makes it so very fun to find. 

I was taken in to have my brows made on fleek with a stunning HD brow from The Brow Club , which takes you through a few different procedures which include tinting, threading, waxing, plucking and finally makeup. The decor in the room was so beautiful and I felt super at home with a cup of coffee and a chatty scouser to spend a few hours gabbing away to. 

hd brows club

I’d hate to ruin the surprise as to who else is in the building, perhaps a famous Scouse twitter account and a few fab fashion types. But overall I was given the best treatment and felt I was truly walked through every step of my procedure and a few weeks in my brows at still looking on point, I adore a fuller brow so I seriously hope if you wanna get your brows done please bounce down to The Brow Club as this lady works absolute miracles for a seriously reasonable price, she’s been in the business for 20 years and lives and breathes good eyebrows!

What has been everyones experiences of HD brows and where do people get theirs done?