Dressing head to toe party season is still the biggest trend of 2016, so today we’re channeling black over furs. 

Pastel Hair 2016 Stephi LaReine

I recently received my first bike as a present off my boyfriend, so the challenge is to finally learn how to ride since being frustrated that I couldn’t glide around Amsterdam and enjoy the sights like the locals. How gorgeous is the colour please?

 The whole thing just screams Stephi and I cannot wait to learn!

Zandra Rhodes Handbags Shell Purple Velvet


Blue Fur Coat Boden Pink Bike Outfit

It’s been a tad nippy and going out in the cold has meant I’m destined to furs. This is my favourite fur coat of the moment from Boden, a luxurious feel and cut that dresses up any black dress like this classic white collar dress from Missy Empire (sooo Wednesday Adams!)

Blue Pink Purple Hair Stephi LaReine


Boden Blue Fur Coat

Missy Empire Black Dress White Collar 

Zandra Rhodes Shell Shoulder Bag

Long Tall Sally Dazzle Sequin Boots

Stephi LaReine Liverpool Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

Blue Purple Pink Outfit

Pink Viking Bike


Boden Blue Fur Coat
Missy Empire Black Dress White Collar
Zandra Rhodes Shell Shoulder Bag
Long Tall Sally Dazzle Sequin Boots

Sequin Boots Long Tall Sally

In the winds of change not only has my style evolved but my hair has taken on a new set of colours and patterns which coincidentally match very well with todays attire. 

Stephi LaReine outfit of the day

Pink purple blue hair fashion beauty blogger

I’ve styled my blue and black ensemble with a shell bag from Zandra Rhodes, a lovely treat for interviewing her a few months back and early christmas present. This small handful of luxury is so delicate but makes a bold statement when dressing up for a night out. 

blue fur coat outfit of the day

zandra rhodes handbag

Finally is my dazzling sequin boots. They’re a total dream to wear. I love a statement boot, we all know boots are my ultimate go-to and these crazy sequin boots from Long Tall Sally are incredible to wear. To keep warm I’ve been wearing them with thick socks which means I’m the warmest girl on a night out or at a gig when you can spot these sequins dazzle from across the room!

I highly advise anyone looking for a smart casual option with a funky twist for office or daily wear, some sequin booties are your calling!

sequin boots 2016

stephi lareine blogger