Want a show with your meal? Down Duke Street in Liverpool is a night out waiting to happen full of entertainment and astounding Asian food. 

Sapporo Teppanyaki Review


Sapporo Teppanyaki Review

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Sapporo Teppanyaki way, the chefs treat you to an informal yet formal setting sharing tables with strangers sharing a giggle or shocked face as you’re flung potato wedges and massive infernos decorate the center of your table. 

Sapporo Teppanyaki Review

It’s never a dull day in Sapporo Teppanyaki, it’s a truly bodacious location for a birthday (please do tell them so they can get the birthday drum, and you slam away on the table with chopsticks) or dinner out with some friends, all is welcome! 

Sapporo Teppanyaki Review

Every time I’m here it’s good manners to start off with some herbal tea. My personal favourite choice is the Sapporo Blossom, it’s a stunning display of flowers with subtle hints of Jasmine. A fantastic appetiser whilst the chefs are cooking up your meals in front of you and flicking chips into your mouth!

Blossoming tea


Special Sapporo Sushi Combination

It’s only right to delve into my favourite part, the sushi! They have a  Special Sapporo Sushi
Combination of nigiri, maki, California rolls and sashimi accompanied with wasabi and edible flowers. Fork or chopstick these will be gone within seconds with a array of aromas and tastes I prefer to order a few dishes and start mixing up plates with my guests. 

Scottish Beef Tataki Slices

Beef lovers take note for the Scottish Beef Tataki
Slices of rare beef steak served with a mixed salad and tosa-zu sauce. A spicy dish with a towel at the ready but a sensational chilli kick. Side note: grab yourself a refreshing beverage like an Elderflower Breeze to cool your mouth!

Soft Shell Crab

 For the fish lovers in the room, maybe the Soft Shell Crab
A salad of apple, celery, cucumber, radish, peppers
and cherry tomatoes, topped with crispy soft shell
crab and citrus dressing is your calling. A combination of crunchy and sweet refreshing vegetables and fruits to compliment a yummy soft battered crab. 

Avocado & Shrimp

I’m a sucker for this dish every time, so simple and yet I can’t make it quite the same at home. Avocado & Shrimp
Served with a piquant dressing is exceptionally delicious as a creamy alternative to some of the zingier fish dishes on the menu. 


Turbot Fillet

I wholeheartedly recommend trying out the Turbot Fillet. It’s flavoured with Ginger and Coriander and it’s delicate taste balances the stir fry chop suey and rice on the side. The dressing will be the mystery of Sapporo and one we won’t try to understand the magic of. It’s just delicious and one of the best fish dishes I’ve ever tried. 

Lamb Fillet Teriyaki

In opposition to the fish a Lamb Fillet Teriyaki is equally as scrumptious slightly chewy but cooked to perfection for red meat lovers. Authentic and beautiful!

Trout Supreme

Trout Supreme Sapporo Teppanyaki

Another fish winner, Trout Supreme with Teriyak it has a delicate texture and a mild taste.
A supreme is a boneless portion cut across a large fillet and is
served in a light teriyaki sauce
Red sh Fillet with Chilli.

 8oz Wagyu Rib Eye Wagyu beef

Last for the favourite mains is the king of beed. 8oz Wagyu Rib Eye
Wagyu beef, also known as Kobe in Japan, is the ‘caviar of meat’ and is
renowned worldwide for its characteristic marbling due to its exceptionally
high intra muscle fat ensuring a smooth, delicate and velvety sweet taste. 
One you will never forget! There is no beef dish quite like at the Sapporo!


Finally to cool the mouth of the explosion of flavours occurring a selection of deserts I favour at the Sapporo Teppanyaki, even catering for lactose intolerant with fruit platter options an ultimate go to for the strangest selections I thought would come from an contemporary Asian restaurant!P&D Deli Homemade Italian Ice Cream

P&D Deli Homemade
Italian Ice Cream. Exclusively
made for Sapporo Teppanyaki by
Paolo & Donato, served in a
tuille tulip basket. My favourite twist on a classic ice cream. 

Banana Tempura

Banana Tempura for a fruity option includes lices of banana fried in a light
tempura batter and served with
homemade vanilla ice cream.

Japanese Yuzu Fruit Cheesecake

The lover amongst all cheese cake fans – Japanese Yuzu
Fruit Cheesecake! A crunchy biscuit top with a rich and
creamy vanilla cheesecake base,
complimented with a hint of Yuzu lime,
crumbled homemade meringue and
Yuzu lime drizzle.


For the selection of tasty combinations Sapporo Teppanyaki wins for their mocktail selection which I’ll walk you through along with a couple of my favourite alcoholic beverages including one of the best Sake’s to share!

Japanese Mojito

Mojito Fresh lime muddled with
sugar and mint, then
infused with saké and
finished with Midori. The
ultimate refreshment.

ElderFlower Breeze

ElderFlower Breeze an apple juice and elderflower cordial
muddled with fresh lime wedges and
mint leaves. Softened with soda and
topped with crushed ice.

Sapporo Blossom

Sapporo Blossom as I mentioned before is my tea of choice in this place, it’s wonderful for either starting or ended a fantastic meal. Offering a little more magic, a hand-stitched Sapporo Blossom bud turns into a
beautiful flower once served, providing a subtle green tea taste with a refreshing
hint of jasmine. Very detoxifying and makes you feel incredibly revitalised and healthy.

Mango Bellini Prosecco

Mango Bellini Prosecco sweetened with mango puree
– simple but delightful for a buzz of alcohol but not intense. Stir for the magic to happen. 

Green Dragon Apple and lychee juices
mixed with aloe vera,
fresh lemon and
elderflower cordial.
Topped with cucumber
for a truly cool finish.

Blushing Geisha Fresh strawberries
muddled with lemon
juice, sweetened by
sugar syrup then
blushed with red drops.

Sparkling Tiger Orange, cranberry and
aloe vera juices shaken
with vanilla syrup, lime
juice and soda. Served in
a bamboo glass for a
refreshing oriental

Stephi LaReine Sapporo Teppanyaki Food Review Liverpool

One of my all time favourite none alcholic cocktails the Pink Lotus A satisfyingly sweet non-alcoholic
cocktail combining lemon, orange,
pineapple and dash of grenadine.
Ginger ale adds an invigorating kick.

Sapporo Teppanyaki interior

This place is truly sensational, a wonderful experience to try out and must be shared with fantastic company. To read about more fantastic food in Liverpool browse through these!


134 Duke Street
East Village
Liverpool L1 5AG

T: 0151 705 3005 

E: liverpool@sapporo.co.uk