The ultimate gifts for ladies at christmas time are the thoughtful ones, steer away from chocolates and wine, we’ve got it covered. But this christmas is about sending a message of love to the girlies in your life that mean so very much to you. From girlfriends, sisters, mothers, aunties, granddaughters and friends send a piece of you to an important female!


The inner creative to be unleashed through palettes of colours, shades, shimmers and more, the beauty lover can be expressed through makeup, skincare and perfume as a preener and perfectionist in their arty feminine ways. 

My best beauty picks this christmas include the latest Clinique gift boxes, including A Little Happiness range of perfumes. Also Moisture Favourites a personal gift I adore! Soap & Glorys latest christmas range include Soaprise pink crackers filled with smelly goodies inside (hell yes!) Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse and Smoothie Star Body Spray


This gal strikes across every female friend I have, favouring the handmade Pinterest-esque gifts. Treat a sentimental girl to some festive christmas bunting. Or perhaps some festive tags, cards or santas jumbo christmas sack to help trek all the presents around. Being the organised person is half the fun of the festive season! Also having matching christmas crackers brings all the magic to life!


Making christmas day a little bit less stress free does the lady of the home the world of justice. A glass of red wine basting the turkey or measuring out the flour for the mince pies all sounds incredibly familiar and recieving a gift like these vintage measuring scales double up as a wonderful and productive present to jazz up all kitchens!


Jewellery shouldn’t just be for a magpie kinda girl, a select beautiful piece of jewellery can speak a thousand words about something so delicate and so personal from rings to necklaces, say something special with a gorgeous piece from Secret Halo, don’t forget to get engaged on their twitter and instagram for ultimate jewellery inspo! 

My best picks are this Tropical Pineapple necklace, A Little Snowflake necklace, Wren’s Handiwork bunny necklace. As well as Secret Halo, this year has been about unique individual design so lets celebrate the wonderful designs by Daisy  Dixon and their rose gold Cara Watch but also Rex Concept Stores exclusive Save My Queen Enamel Bracelet


I love getting my nose into a good book, since we’ve all given up on trying to watch the last documentary on Netflix all my best gals are back into their books like never before! 

This is a personal favourite of mine now, it’s so enticing and full of photographs (my go-to as a photographer!) 

For any fashionistas this ones for you, the best plane book ever! A Journey In Style! 

Exclusively only available at Heathrow Terminal 5 and Amazon

This book celebrates the best of airport travel style, combining two luxuries; fashion and flying! 


We all love a bit of fashion, whether you know it or not! A personal style statement can make an outfit completely eternal. My picks are all promoting unique ways of being stylish including personalised messages and fabulous fabrics to complete your christmas look!

Firstly  Travel Card holder from Nooki via Secret Halo the perfect stocking filler, small but speaks a lot about it’s design. Next for flashy funky coloured people a Skull coin purse from Rex Concept Store could be right up your female friends street.

I’m giving a personalised Zatchels satchel away, I adore the personalisation and used one of my favourite phrases as a everyday inspiration for my sister! 

Whilst my vintage fashion gurus are receiving the latest Portobello box, a subscription box of exclusive vintage finds for every rummager including a bag, a scarf and broach!


The smaller gifts can be the easiest but we all want something we’ve not seen before and the same old can get boring year after year. Here’s a few fresh suggestions to perk up some inspiration so head for the unique and individually designed for the gift no one else can give. 

A notebook for all the thoughts of the new year? Rex’s favourite artist will have it in their store!

A makeup bag to squish in all the best brushes and products for your beauty lover so they can share their love of beauty with all!

Trinkets on the wall can characterise a house, how about something small, handmade and unique? This Frida Wall Decoration could be the excellent choice for a stocking filler!

Lastly let’s end on socks, the cunning best gift of them all. I’m in love with these icepop watermelon socks a quirky twist on generic crimbo socks!