In the heart of Liverpool is Crust, the latest restaurant addition to swinging Bold Street pushing the boundaries of creativity in classic Italian food, a true gem to discover!

Crust Liverpool Bold Street Review


Walking in oozes a relaxed vibe teaming cafe chairs with a relaxed decor, the biggest accessory of the restaurant is the massive copper oven sitting at the back, leaving you a sense of appreciation as you watch your food being cooked as all yummy scents swarm from the kitchen corner. 


They do a range of Bruschette tuscan breads all woodfired in their traditional oven. A few special highlights have been the Focaccia a simplistic combination of garlic, tomato and mozzarella on italian bread. We also loved their Smokey Ham, a tuscan bread topped with Mortadella ham, smoked povola cheese, cherry tomatoes and topped with a balsamic glaze. Also the Prosciutti Di Parma a perfect combo of parma ham and buffalo mozzarella which I would highly recommend with a gin and tonic twist which highly compliments each other. 


Their pizzas and pastas are their speciality. With an array of choice I’d go for something a bit more luxurious than your average cheese pizza. Their Black Burrata, which uses a healthy alternative to normal dough, it’s black (an odd concept I know) but don’t let that put you off it’s better than any other pizza I’ve tried.  It’s a yellow cherry sauce, porcini mushrooms and burrata mozzarella in an incredibly helpful portion size, and I imagine a heavnely takeaway or second heat up. Their other favourable pizza is the Marinara, with tomato, garlic, oregano and extra virgin olive oil, a delicious option that can be upgraded for specialist organic doughs, black dough  or five grain. There’s so much choice which requires multiple trips!

The other specialities is their pasta, whether you like a classic Lasagna or a Spaghetti Carbonara Crust will ensure it’s unlike any other you’ve tried. And please do order some sweet potato wedges and fried zucchine. Sides have never been SO good!


Prepare yourself for the unimaginable and every womans dream which is the combination of pizza and nutella. I’ll be popping back over christmas to pick up their Nutella Pizza to binge on with my best gals. Perfect on a pizza with a handmade dough smeared with melted Nutella, fresh strawberries and thick cream. Tell me you’re not drooling a bit? 

If you’re a beer person try their BirraMisu, the twist of a classic tiramisu with a frothy chocolate beer. Even for beer lovers like myself it’s a glass of heaven waiting for a Pinterest recipe to be made asap!

I admired the presentation of the Ravioli Chocolate, all handcrafted filled with a decadent chocolate sauce, simply oozing sweet goodness and sprinkled with a touch of christmas. 

Or if you want to go with a total palette cleanser their homemade gelato ice cream in either chocolate or strawberry is a winner, perfect for sharing like us and leaving on a sweet note. 


The drinks at Crust share a mixture of classics twists and a variety of beers at your feet. 

Whether a pint is your poison of choice or something more fun like the Gin and tonic I had, where you can make your perfect drink from a bucket of mint, rosemary, lemon slices and cardamom seeds. We all love to get creative and it’s unlike any other G&T I’ve had. 

We tried every cocktail imaginable from Whisky In The Jar, for the whisky lovers, to a Bellini. 

My personal favourites were their version of a Pornstar Martini, Cosmopolition and Dottor Gin. 

It’s a truly inspirational place to get creative and delve into the best waiters in town. Truly lovely and left us with a total giggle. 

Hey we even got a ride on the motorbike in the restaurant, you have such a blast and they make you feel so very comfortable and entertained for a little place. We’ve all been left with hearts in our eyes from Crust and it’s the latest go to location so very much so worth checking out this gourmet pizza bar! Even if you can’t get down they deliver (Now they’re literally perfect!) 

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What are your favourite pizza places?!