Oh my god, her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets!

Big Hair Tips

My best policy is that hair is youth, and I use my hair as a lions mane to hide behind. It’s always been a big part of me, and I fortunately have thick hair on both sides of my family, but throughout my years of styling I’ve picked up a few nifty tips in my time for every head of hair to look big and bushy. Guaranteed tips for the ultimate mane. 


Hydration equals big hair. It’s pretty much the only successful component in needing big hair. 

Who remembers Monica from Friends heading into a hot climate? Yes it’s a frizz fest but I find my hair is at its most limp when it’s dry, weighty and full of product.

My hair seems to get bigger the less I wash my hair. Shampoo’ing hair strips the the hair  of natural oils as I constantly mention in my post about the rules of curly hair. I know its hard to get out a washing rut, but week by week if you wash it less it naturally won’t get greasy easily.

The best kind of hydration is with coconut oil. You know it, I know it too that coconut oil is the best thing in life and the many uses go a mile. Check out the ultimate guide to coconut oil.

 Or if your hair is a tad limp get a spray bottle, fill it with water and give it a quick spritz every time you need to give your hair a quick pick me up, or put some sea salt in it if you want to texturise it. Alternatively there is Fudge Urbans Sea Salt Spray which is simply amazing to carry around in your handbag as the only hair product worth packing daily. 


If you’re a curly haired fiend like myself sometimes the best solution is not to brush it. Straight hair people probably can’t sympathise with this but curly hair goes separated and frizzy when brushed, all our beautiful curls turn into waves and make our hair more flat.

Brushing hair mattifies hair and pushes it all down, I generally leave the brush out my routine as much as possible. I barely touch my hair in case it frizzes up and brush it twice a day, this allows me to naturally scrunch up my own volume. 


Sure you can get more voluminous hair with a pair of curling tongs or some strategic straightening but the real key behind getting big hair is actually in a hair dryer, the more lifted from the root your hair is the more likely it’ll stand on end. 

I haven’t used a hair dryer in a very long time to preserve my mane from damage as I already dye it frequently so when I finish in the bath I give my scalp a massage (the key to real hair growth too) and my hair has a lot of natural volume, this is also aided with a lot of scrunching and hair lifting to get air around my crown.

But if you can’t ditch the heat at least lower the amount of heat with using the hairdryer on the coldest setting, it’ll take a little longer but the reduction in damage will keep your hair bigger and thicker, also who doesn’t love soft air dried hair?

Let me know some of your best big hair tips and get sharing them to all!