2015 hands down has been the best year of my life to date, lets celebrate all the antics of the past 12 months, and what exciting adventures 2016 will bring.

If you’ve been following my story, you would have seen a massive acceleration in content running round the world in my adventures, and it brings me to tears looking back on how fortunate I’ve been to experience so much. 2015 has been simply incredible. Let me tell you why!


I finally feel like I’ve grown into my own skin. I’m so overwhelmingly happy with the person I’ve become. Knowing I spent years of being bullied for being the creative quiet type, I’ve grown some confidence as the passion and drive accelerates.

I’m no longer super-duper sensitive to every comment, overly anxious, and I think being on the internet toughened me up for the better.

As well as my personal being blossoming, my career has changed and taken a massive turn to the skies.

I knew from being a fashion photographer I’d have a career in either realms of fashion or photography. Fortunately I have pushed, and pushed, and pushed some more to ensure my happiness is paramount, and despite still being in my third and final year of university, blogging is my full time job (Yay!)

 I’m glad I’ve settled into what may seem the worlds most difficult job being freelance and very lonely, but it’s meant I’ve grown to accept my own company, and refine my inner monologue instead of bouncing ideas off a team of people.


My blog has taken me on some wild adventures. It’s taken me travelling to different countries both with my partner, and by myself (something I thought I could never EVER do!)

It’s also allowed me to meet a lot of my idols, both casually and professionally. Frankly my year was made when I got the chance to interview Zandra Rhodes the ultimate pink hair queen!

I’ve made some incredible friends who share the same wavelength, which is to live a rich fulfilling life, full of creative possibility and fun adventures. Achieving this alone and not ending up in a dead end office job makes me want to scream with joy every second! Life is about the experiences you fill it with and the ever lasting impressions you leave on people as they influence you to be a better person.

I’ve been having a lot of flashbacks over the past 12 months, and feeling so overwhelmingly lucky to have opportunities like head blogging for the NME awards, major festivals like Benicassim, Leeds Festival, Kendal Calling, and travelling parts of the world to work with creatives and introduced me to some of the best people as we share memories in other countries.

I’ve been stuck on this small island for too long and feel like travelling could very well become a great part of me, as I admire the culture of others and embrace change. It’s felt like there’s so much to explore and appreciate that I’ve been missing out on and now it’s time to engage in some changes!

A very fond memory of mine was after the NME awards after meeting Jarvis Cocker, Tom from Kasabian, Zoe Kravitz and Florence Welch I looked at my boyfriend as we walked home from Brixton Academy with my shoes off at 3am and everything felt perfect. It’s like nothing could bring down my fantastic mood like a forcefield of emotion.

Followed by sitting at the front row of London Fashion Week only a day later, and running around backstage for the biggest fashion designers in the world (Such a fantastic week alone!) 

I felt like I’ve worked so very hard to get to my existing pinpointed second. I don’t ever want to smack the biggest cheshire cat grin off my face because I’m so grateful of everything that has become of this year and my own personal achievements for someone that severely suffers with anxiety.


Even though I moved out August 2014 my house is finally a home, my personal possessions are all implemented with purpose, instead of settling for alright-ish furniture. I have my own studio and walk in wardrobe (a dream of mine my entire life) and yes that sounds incredibly superficial to say “ungh a walk in wardrobe!” but I’ve worked very very very hard to get my life in a balanced place to achieve this and at young age of 21, I’m so very content with where I stand.

A lot of sacrifices are made so we can keep achieving. We compromise our social lives, extra spending and the little luxuries so we can wait for the bigger things. Something I’ve learnt to do this past year… simply wait.

Relationship wise I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I get to share my house with not only the best partner, but my bestest friend in the whole universe.

I’m so incredibly thankful to have such an incredible person in my life who’s pushed me to be better and better, and helped me so much with the anxieties and he practically fixed my insomnia and got me off my sleeping medication. He’s a knight in shining armour!

I think our little set up at home is cute, we’re not ready for children, but we get to share a house with our little hairy baby (feline!) Mia which is like practically maintaining a child. Having a cat means the world to me, and this little tinker keeps me sane and insane when Guinny isn’t home. 

Yet simultaneously I’ve realised that maturity isn’t everything, that to have innocence and child-like (not childish!) qualities is something you should never lose. Whether that’s watching The Little Mermaid or still enjoy giggling at the simple things in life. A girl has gotta keep smiling somehow and I’ve done a hell of a lot of that this year!


Over the past year or so I’ve done a major filtering process of all people that didn’t benefit me in any way, the people who only wanted to see me after a drink, or a one sided friendship with no interest for my feelings.

It feels like a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by creatives (which coincidentally are all musicians!) who totally understand you, and don’t feel like they have to be in your pocket every second to be a truly good friend.

I’ve always believed the best people are the ones who pick up where you left off, no matter how far you’ve left speaking. Am I right or am I bloody right?

My friends mean the world to me now, as I’ve always felt like a lone wolf as after a few years people move to the other side of the world, and never keep in contact. But I finally feel my squad of lovelies are friends that you truly keep for life. 

They’ve seen me in every state and know exactly page I’m on all the time.  I love that we all don’t live in each others pockets and respect our individual paths. To me this is everything in friendship.


In a strange way moving out brought me so close to my family, I appreciate them so much more and encourage their achievements and our growth. We’re so close as a family more than ever, and I felt like this year was my chance to start giving back like they have been for the past 21 years. Whether that’s taking them out to their favourite restaurant with no fear how much the bill is or making christmas even more magical.

It’s been a year of celebrating achievements of others too!

My little sister had a sculpture in Liverpool Museum and started the same university course as me 2 years behind, and I feel so protective to ensure her talents are noticed.
I want the best for others and having an extremely supportive family has helped me so much!

This Christmas with family was the best I’ve ever had, sharing memories with my closest ones and partner, really put into perspective how I’m very fortunate to have people that stand by me on a good or bad day.  Our cards were written like novels (like every year!), and I made it my main priority they received everything they wanted, because the countless things they’ve done for me only shows a small appreciation in comparison. 

Always keep family close, they’ll always be there no matter what!


I’ve never voiced my world out to others so much, I got an email off a girl who previously had breast cancer, she said that my blog post on body confidence got her back into a bikini and on the beach every day for her 3 week holiday. I literally bawled my heart out and cried because the blog was to change subtle decisions in other peoples lives for a more rich fulfilling world and that single email proved it can help anyone at all with feeling higher spirited.

I’ve met so many readers in my travels, and you all tell me what a fantastic job I’m doing and frankly it’s my inspiration to keep going, so communicating to all of you has helped me as much as it helps you.

 I’m always smiling as I want you to keep smiling too!

2016 is around the corner and awaiting another 12 months of exciting adventures, let’s work with incredible creatives, keep expanding, see some radical changes and keep a smile on my face throughout!