When I was little I never foresaw myself as being part of the fashion industry, even as a cog in the machine that drives seasons to progress, but having spoke to people who say they want to work in this division don’t actually know what choices there are. Budding fashionistas in the making please do take note!

Collaborating with the latest game just appearing on the market for the Nintendo 3DS, I used to be a massive gamer and felt that other games never quite felt right as I got older, but I’m loving the idea of Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward, where characters can choose a career path and rise to the top of the industry.


Models embrace the look and feel of a brand or piece of art, all models I’ve met haven’t met societies ‘ideals’ of what we see as a model, coming in all shapes and sizes and never have to be conventionally beautiful. 

Angular faces that we see so frequently only fit certain looks achieved whilst a lot of designers are now looking for unique models filled with personality that will put a positive connotations on their collections. 


Got an eye for the garments? I think everyone is good at designing clothes but it’s our interpretation and outlet that makes us differ from the next, if you can stitch in a straight line you’ve got the know how already! 

Do you enjoy creating beauty from material, and replicating shape, cuts, colours and silhouettes into designs? Designing could be for you!  You can inspire the trends instead of wear them or work around them. 


Do you love the delicacy and fiddlyness of doing hair. As a hair stylist you can create outlandish styles to fit your clients. 

A lot of hair stylists I know find styling hair incredibly therapeutic and by comparison to fashion styling can see instant results.

 Hair styling is all about experimenting from the depth of colours, tones, cuts, shapes and styles. The world is your oyster and whilst your only limited to your imagination you get the equal benefit of making others happy!


Transforming people for a living is an absolute dream, it’s like magic seeing what incredible things make up can do and satisfying as an artist to experiment. The best opportunities come with even the smallest clients because every brief is different, as well as the makeup you’re working with. You’re able to work with some of the best products and see a lot of brilliant products work their way onto the catwalks from backstage before they fly out to the shops. So does creating inventive looks tickle your fancy? Want to translate those skills onto others? Trying out makeup artistry could be your career path of choice! 

Other occupations within the industry could also include blogger, journalist or photography they’re all incredibly fun and have some amazing perks in each division so choose what fits you best and go for it!

So how does all this fit into New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward? You can play all these characters to trial and test out endless combinations of perfectly preened hair, makeup, clothes and snapped with the perfect pose to be put onto billboards. It’s an exciting management game of a successful boutique in a bustling city and take on varied new jobs – style clients’ hair, apply their make-up, design clothes, and hit the catwalk. 

Also by touching an amiibo to the console (Nintendo 3DS – not DS) the player will receive customers in their boutique. If they serve that customer well, they will receive an item inspired by the character of the amiibo like a Kirby Bag! Woo!

What career do you fit into?