I headed to the most rockin’ reggae place in town for the new opening of Liverpools first Caribbean cuisine to pre-test the menu ranging from curried goat to authentic rum punch taken through with the chef who put this masterpiece together and also to boogie to some tunes. 

It’s safe to say to kick start it all off, I’m head over heels for this place. It’s on Victoria Street, literally a stones throw away off The Cavern and central to everything you could possibly want. Walking past Turtle Bay it lights up like a colourful rainbow and looks so inviting. 



The food is quite special here. With a table full of spices as we discussed through the meaning behind each and the importance of certain flavours, even some that are tip top secret! 

We served up a one pot of curried goat, marinated goat, potatoes, carrots, rice and peas, sweet onion chutney and flatbread. 

We were swept up into the kitchen to make some Jerk Chicken, which was very fun and exciting to experience! The food in Turtle Bay is mouth watering hot spicey goodness. Each year they oomph up the spice levels to keep us excited and on our toes. 

Finally our final results spoke volumes, narrowly close to the authentic real thing all the way from the Caribbean, with hot steaming sweet potato fries and rum punch. 

The decoration voices a colourful. misarranged mixed furniture and records plastering the walls. It’s hard not to fall for the little details like the vibrant bulbs and hand drawn typography. 


Merely a few days later we were invited down to the opening night to party and celebrate the new beginnings of Caribbean food in Liverpool (finally!) With 700 people circulating the room the vibe we had all been waiting for was in full swing with interesting characters from across the north west. 

We attempted to try out every drink on the menu from Bay Bramble to a Koko Kolada all with fresh fruits and ingredients true to the restaurant providing some zingy flavours whilst you chomp down some Jerk Chicken. 

I highly recommend coming down to try out some hot, spicey food bursting with depth of flavour and a range of meats, sauces, drinks and a experience you won’t forget. (Particularly if you like reggae!)