The world seems an incredibly scary place right now, and with all the negativity and everyone in a state of panic it’s almost impossible to recalibrate our beings and find logical solutions to our worry. I want to help everyone out, that means if you’re in distress or finding yourself wanting to hibernate forever I hope todays post will pull you through and if you know anyone who needs to find shelter use the relevant links to help another for food, shelter and quality of life around the worlds most affected areas.

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This past week has been a real eye opener, it’s made me realise, there are people coming from across the globe and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. The worst way to think is that something will never happen to you, but it’s important to be prepared.


The people in Paris probably thought their Friday night at an Eagles Of Death Metal gig and would end with a round of applause, cheering and happy memories but how very wrong they were.

Bono said yesterday that this is the first real attack on music lovers which makes it more relatable to you or me.

I couldn’t imagine losing people in a situation I feel so safe and secure in and have my happiest memories. The world has been shaken up and its time to make it stop and preserve its state as much as possible because right now returning fire on oppositional countries isn’t the answer.  War never solves anything!

No one should have to pretend to be dead on the floor of a concert for over an hour whilst many people are losing their lives every second around you, memories, loved ones gone vacantly, without any consideration for the precious lives they have take. These are the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandchildren, cousins, friends, lovers and colleagues of the world and it seems like lives are so temporary and disposable that we forget our hearts all beat as one.

No one can take away our freedom and love for another, our opinions stand tall in equal balance to the next and we should respect everyone as long as we don’t hurt with intend over anothers believes.

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I’ll never truly have an understanding what these victims are going through until it happens to me, it’s very easy to say ‘stay safe and respect one another’ behind a computer screen in a warm house with all my loved ones alive but maybe this will make you see differently into what other people are going through and the help you can supply by opening your hearts.

Little old me can’t do a damn thing except donate money so people can start to rebuild their lives. But there’s one thing I do have and thats a relatively powerful voice. I actually have more recognition of this site in other counties than i do in the UK, particularly throughout Europe and the US.

So if this can be spread around the world there’s more of a impact than simply ‘praying for a country’ by changing my profile picture. It’s about what matters and could save lives.

Theres a reason that I haven’t changed my profile picture to support Paris is that there’s so much more going on in the world and other countries going through the same with no recognition and whilst everybody is piling in to donate blood, these other countries are begging for help to be sent in. By supporting one country I seem dedicated to only Paris, which is highly unfair when everybody is equal.

I truly appreciate the support Facebook have encouraged and it makes me tearful to see so many people encouraging the support of others, but writing this post I can at least inform and show support to the earth and send the little white flag to people who feel physically or mentally captured by the fear and everything horrible in the world right now.


Watching the news sometimes makes me want to hibernate under my duvet like a forcefield and wait for all the badness to go away. But then I’m giving into the terror behind the horrible people wanting to hurt innocent people. I’d hate anyone else to live a life of terror, thinking their doors will be booted down and families taken away. Our governments have grown stronger and it’s always helpful to remember how much crisis our supporting armies and security systems have saved us in the past, and with technology getting better by the day it’s becoming easier to track down the culprits.

I personally find it highly disrespectful that people won’t support the affected to rebuild lives because they “deserve it” I’ve blocked everyone who’s said that, because that kind of negative spectrum of thinking is what gets people into trouble. As I’ve found it difficult to tread carefully in this post it’s not offending anyone but giving resourceful advice for those in need. As I said, I’m not for anyone I just want peace amongst humanity which we need to recapture more importantly than hunting down others.

We need to remember these are normal people like you and me being affected. The people on your Instagram, the people with families, friends, jobs, qualifications, people that you pass every day in the street, its very much so targeting us above anyone else. Its a scary time and people are evacuating their countries where they leave behind everything to find hope and acceptance in other people where they deserve a better quality of life. We should be very accepting of this, because how heartbreaking would it be if it happened to you and crying out for help had no one wanted to get you onto your feet again? Support is absolutely key!

Violence is never the answer and I highly disagree with people like Donald Trump who think that half of these tragedies would be without if we all had guns but really the answer is to reason, because no ones life deserves to be taken when living in harmony should be the real desirable answer. I’m a free loving hippy girl and it disgusts me what the human race has come to, that we’re the real carnivorous animals, and it’s a joke that we fight for petty things like religion, money and oil and we’re willing to sacrifice the lives of others for such things.


I know people from across the world on their travels and I have no real way of communicating which breaks my heart and there’s going to be thousands of worried families which will do as much as they can to see hearts still beating. So I’ve collected a list of resources for each majorly affected country right now, so if you know anyone affected by terror right now or want to help out, hopefully these links can provide some help and I will continue to keep updating this page every time I find a safe place for each country affected so if you know further resources send them over!


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

Friends of Fondation de France, Inc.

French National Blood Service

Don du Sang à Paris


Safety Checker


Help For Syria

Red Cross

Hand in hand for Syria

The UN Refugee Agency

Save The Children

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders



Help Japan Recover


Save The Children



Save The Children

Christian Aid


Help Iraq

Women For Women


Facebook Checker

Mexican Red Cross

Medical Corps

Save The Children



Salvation Army


Map International

Heart To Heart International

Child Fund

Direct Relief

Convoy Of Hope


Operation Blessing International

World Vision


Palestine Campaign




International Rescue Committee

World Food Programme

Mercy Corps


Share A Meal

Just Giving

If we all remember that our hearts all beat as one and that this struggle will pass if we stay strong together, and help every human being that we meet to live a life in peace and harmony, out of the way of people that don’t understand and respect our individual way of living, we can make this world a better place so we don’t live our lives in fear of terror.

Heres a few things I want people to bare in mind if you feel affected in any way…


 I’ve made the decision to get taxis everywhere. If you’re ever in a crisis and need to escape there’s Uber taxis in most parts of the UK, and £15 off your first ride using the code ‘STEPH15’ could be a choice between getting out of distress and something I think could benefit anyone to prevent attack and a quick escape.

Also spend time with the people you love and enjoy fond happy memories together, because supporting another can get you through a tough time of sadness.


Targeting races, religions and blaming the innocent man in your corner shop doesn’t solve the problem as you only dig yourself a deeper hole. Terrorist threat comes from all sorts of groups not just religious or political so think before you speak.


Let our governments deal with border control, security and do not endanger yourself if in a situation to potentially overthrow someone as its the job of the police and security.

My last few tips are report everything suspicious and don’t let terror rule your life.

Pray for the world, pray for humanity and the harmony every being should live in. My thoughts go out to everyone globally affected and I hope this had made you see things a little clearly. Please pass on this information to anyone you think would require it.

Also a topic I wanted to inform you all about is the impact of drug and drinking abuse throughout pregnancy – if you need any information then please visit Ocean Breeze Recovery