It’s quite astounding how our senses are so in touch with our emotions, memories and state of mind. The best form is therapy is Yoga, as we target our inner alignment to work out issues from within in a calm, stress free atmosphere.

I’m a big believer that if you treat your body properly your body will be good to you too. 

Happy skin, is a happy person. 

A fast paced and busy schedule like mine can sometimes feel like an ongoing never switched off state of mind, and whilst I’m doing more meditatiation and yoga to keep me fit, well rested and stress free I’ve been using Yogandha body oils to help existing problems to combat lack of sleep, soothing muscles and detoxing for elevated mindfullness feelgood vibes.


Refreshing Lemongrass and cleansing Juniperberry to purify and detox the body and boost lymphatic drainage. It’s super fresh and all the ingredients resemble a detox tea and the one drop of peppermint in the essential oil is 26 cups of peppermint tea which is absorbed quicker through the bloodstream via skin application than drinking tea.

You can pour a little into the bath to really feel the effect from soaking and skin is replenished feeling silky, supple and refreshed. But can also be applied in the shower or post-bathing for a daily detox to help with liver and kidney function. 


Mindful SandalWood and relaxing Frankincense calms and with top notes of lavender and black pepper, Ground relaxes and soothes the body by grounding you to your centre alignment using sacred ingredients and slowing the body down a few notches. 

Application of ground is on the wrists, or temples when you’re stressed. Which makes it a beneficial roll on oil for migraines and headaches. 


Zesty Grapefruit and invigorating Bergamot energises mind and body. It’s an uplifting oil giving you a zingy kick whilst de-stressing the body. 

In application I’ve put it on my wrists and in the middle of my forehead, as it’s good for jetlag. I would highly recommend using this in the morning as a instant booster.
It also contains rosemary so this roll on oil is amazing for your immune system. 


Jasmine refreshing Cyrpress re-calibrates mind and body, particularly hormonally. It’s a more chemically complex oil for having Jasmine, so it also makes it the most female scent of all the roll on oils.

It’s recommended to not wear this on a daily basis but monthly as it has hormonal healing properties, but it can be worn as a perfume in small amounts as it’s such a potent smell. 

What do you think of Yoganha Oils or do you use anything yourself?