Lets chat maturity, blogging direction, a few surprises and dinosaur sweaters today.

Finishing a degree and talking about education

It’s honestly true, once a scene queen, always a scene queen. I’ve actually spent the past few days trying to take down all my old Myspace photos just in case one day they backfire. But anwyhom I’m gonna get super real today about the next few months. 

There’s two things to announce: 

Firstly it’s getting cold and I’m in jumper weather now leaves have hit the cobblestoned streets of Liverpool, todays ensemble is from Batoko, their ranges make me feel like I’m stepped back in a time machine. This dinosass jumper has been perfect to run to uni in as I start setting my alarm for 6am again. Cosy jumpers are everything in the cold. So prepare for jumpers all the time.

Which brings me to my second point. University… go make yourself a hot drink as it’s time to chat blogging direction.

Stephi LaReine Batoko Dinosass Sweatshirt

As much as I love every single person that reads this blog, I’m sure you’ll support me in saying that education does matter a lot. 

People in countries all around the world don’t have the priviledge of having an education and in England a lot of people don’t take advantage of this gift by bunking off, messing around instead of learning and all that jazz that us teens did. 

As I’ve just started my third year in university, I’ve learnt it’s 2/3rds of the marks of my overall degree, so it’s one of those ‘make it count’ moments, also when I divide how much money I pay per lecture, an overwhelming sense of importance hit me that I know I should be utilising every opportunity whilst I can outside of industry to build portfolios and network outside of the bloggersphere. 

I know a lot of bloggers who gave up high school (yes high school) to pursue their blogging and vlogging, but it makes me think what do they have after they finish that part of their life?

Whereas I like to see things through till the end, as I always have the lingering thoughts bouncing around at the back of my brain that thinks “Well what happens when blogging becomes stale, and it’s time to start a new chapter?” and that’s where my degree is my fallback. 

Liverpool UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

I really don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression, blogging full time is a dream and I would do til the ends of the earth as a creative form of outlet. I’ve changed my life dramatically, and had some incredible experiences. To the point I don’t have time to sit down, which I like, in a weird way. 

My goal has always been to keep myself on my toes and do amazing things with amazing people, and I get to do that whilst I study Graphic Design and Photography, and next year go on to do a Masters in Photography, I may not portray it so much on the blog but it means an incredible amount to me to not be stuck in a job with no passion and soul.

What I’m really getting at, is that I’m gonna have to hold back posting at least 4/5 times a week to maybe once or twice to accommodate my final few hurdles to jump and celebrate freedom in May. And yes we will party hard. I’ve got everything planned. This marks the winds of change and success.

Of all things that is going to come about from my actions, is that my instagram and twitter is probably going to be brimming with art. And not like anything you’ve ever seen before, it’s a side of me I very rarely show online, a Stephi that is much more politically minded, society bashing, anti authority rock and roll Stephi. Living life as a free minded spirit.

It’s my art so feel free to judge because I like to ruffle feathers once in a while. Art is supposed to provoke and push buttons and make you feel something, so I’m excited to see what this year will bring to the blog as stephilareine.com blossoms into something fantastic and colourful!

I’ve got some amazing surprises lined up, and we might be launching a new category to feast upon week after week. If you knew my summer you may already know what this could unfold into, a secondary love of mine. I’ve told so few as I want to perfect it. Content is going to be richer and I’m going to leave no stone unturned and get very real with everything I do. 

It’s not even New Year, and I’m deciding on some changes. 

Get honest and more personal on the blog, show a bit more about what happens behind the scenes and let’s plan some global trips to make 2016 one of the best years of my life. 

Let’s make this one count.