Coconut Oil has taken the world by storm, as we all now know coconut oils uses can be used in cooking, skincare and beauty. With it being now so readily available it’s more important than ever to give it a go and try one of the best skin products for you. 

Uses of Coconut Oil Health Benefits Nutrition

 I’m honestly not sure how I would survive without Coconut Oil, I preach volumes about the greatness of its properties and how it’s revolutionised my beauty and food regime. It’s time to share our deepest secrets and let the world be beautiful and healthy.

Also I’ve got an exciting competition to win a years supply of Vita Coco Coconut Oil. See below! But first let me run you through every aspect of how this magical product has improved everyones lives dramatically.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks


Year ago it seemed like sacred information to know that coconut oil was the solution to all frizz, damaged ends and dry hair. I put the jar in my evening bath and pour a small amount of liquified coconut oil either into my hands or into my conditioner bottle and give it a good shake. 

Whenever I have a day of not going out I also love to lavish my hair in coconut oil and throw it in a plait for the day and wash it out in the evening or go to bed using it as a hair mask.

Another tip that I’ve never heard anyone talk about before is its hairgel like uses, whenever I want defined curled ends I work a pea size amount into various parts of my hair to add extra texture and mould the shake of the ends. It works super well on curly hair particularly if you have the odd frizzy afro patches like me.

coconut oil in food recipes


It’s universal knowledge that coconut oil is one of the best ways to cook food. The health benefits go through the roof! Oil is seen as bad whereas the uses of coconut oil can improve protein levels, your immune system, digestion, the prevention of liver and kidney diseases, as well as the maintenance of blood sugars and cholesterol.

There’s so many recipes out there that can have normal yucky oil replaced with Coconut Oil, my new favourite treat is Vita Coco’s Coconut Oil Popcorn, and it’s so incredibly simple to make it, with added health benefits!

A strange one, I know a few girls that do this, which I must admit requires a tad more patience that simply slapping on some coconut oil, is oil pulling! Crazy name I know, but if you swill a shot of coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes not only is it a natural teeth cleaner, whitener but it also


On the odd occasion I put a small dab onto my middle finger and pat it under my eyes and cheek bone for a touch of natural radiance. Also I smooth some over my lips as a lip balm – Vita Coco do small handbag friendly tubs for little touch ups. Definitely a must in the cold.

After having a full face of makeup all day my skin can feel yucky and super dry so to remove makeup I use coconut, which is particularly good to getting rid of stubborn mascara.

Not only by taking off my makeup with coconut oil, I throw loads all over my face after my moisturiser, focusing on under my eyes as it’s a great anti wrinkle solution as it’s just pure oil, no harsh chemicals, simply coconut oil.


I learnt when I was 13 in a old magazine in the doctors surgery one day that conditioner made a good shaving cream, the second I switched to coconut oil it clicked it has the same moisturising properties to be used on your legs. So I tried it. I’ve had silky smooth legs for days. The kind of smooth legs you prance around the house swooshing your legs against everything like a cat or getting everyone to feel your fresh legs. It does these things to me, just have a go!

Now it’s getting a bit chilly, I’m super selective with my creams and lotions but insist that coconut oil goes on my skin post-bath for a glowing radiance. Yes you’re a bit slippery for a a bit but throw some jammies on and deal with it.

If you walk a lot like me, your feet need luxuries too after getting chapped, cut up, dried up and all those nasties things you wish you could just deal with. My tip is just before bed is to coat some coconut oil on your feet and put thick bed socks on and by morning you have baby feet. It’s miraculous.

Frankly I could list every problem I have with winter and coconut oil saves every one, I suffer BADLY from cracked cuticles, I generally feel the cold terribly. A spare moment to massage coconut oil into my cuticles is a total life saver for not only my skin but strengthening my nails.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil Nutrition Raw Organic

It really is a miracle worker, and a desert island go -to, incidentally if you’re ever on a desert island the coincidence that coconuts will be there are highly likely so you at least have a luxury for fabulous hair, nails, skin and teeth! I swear by this stuff. Vita Coco has been telling the world their secrets just like me over at their Twitter and Instagram, where even more tips have been told.

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What’s one of the coconut oil beauty hacks Vita Coco suggests?

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