Girls can sense the beginning of fall like a shark can smell a drop of blood in the ocean. As soon as that first leaf hits the the ground, our eyes narrow, our hair raises, and our minds are consumed by thoughts of pumpkin spice lattes and chilly nights around a bonfire. It’s just nature—both the season, and our inevitable reaction to it.

But more so than the scent of cinnamon and
beautiful landscape the season offers, we love autumn fashion. Take a look at a
few of these fall fashion trends you’ll want to try for yourself this season.


A casual dress is an easy way to make
yourself look flirty, fun, and feminine this fall, all while keeping to the
casual feel of the season. The most popular looks you’ll see on and off the
runways in the coming months combine a short hemline with a long sleeve. These
designs are best represented by Lyst,
who are showcasing the Petite Paisley Print Shirt Dress and the Premium Lace
Detail Bodycon Dress. 

The shorter hemlines look great with a tall autumn boot,
or even a high heel if you really want to show off your legs. You can also wear
your hair down in a few loose waves to give the outfit a more casual look.


The ’70s are back this season, and they’re
bringing their biggest and baddest flare jeans with them. According to Bustle, the new trend goes far beyond the
style of flare that most of us sported before skinny jeans saturated the market
ten years ago. 

The new flares mirror what Farrah Fawcett wore in Charlie’s Angels. They’re high-waisted
and a lighter wash than the dark colors most of us are familiar with.

To ease yourself back into the trend, pair
you new jeans with a simple, fitted top to balance out the drama happening
below your knees.


Of course, you need some amazing shoes to
complete your new fall wardrobe. This season, like many before it, you’ll need
need a great pair of boots, especially those to pair with your new short-hem
dress. A well-fitted pair with a flat sole will easily keep you in line with
the season’s trends.

Besides a good pair of boots—and yes, you
can wear something other than boots in the fall—consider getting a new pair of
canvas slip ons. Marie Claire compiled a list of different styles that you can easily sport with some casual
fall outfits. Invest in a new pair for the season and enjoy a break from your
painful pumps for a while.

Fall is just around the corner. If you
didn’t already know that, I suggest getting your girl senses checked. But when
the season hits, you’ll want to be prepared with the right style. Follow a few
of these suggestions, and all you’ll have to worry about is which size pumpkin
spice latte to get.