If you’ve gathered one thing about me is that I love my music. So outside of festivals in my run up (which starts directly after they end!) I spend all my time listening to music, and investing in good quality earphones is vital.

Today I’m showing you my new favourite headphones from Sudio!

Earphones from Sweden

I have the Klang edition in white, these Earphones from Sweden have been designed so one of the cords hangs longer around the users neck so it doesn’t fall out (which is the bane of my life!) 

Sudio Klang

The first thing that struck me receiving my order is the clean cut packaging, super efficient and everything tucks away like a piece of art. So this ideally would be a fantastic idea for a present!

The earphones also allow you to pick up calls from the 3-button remote whilst increasing and decreasing the volume. Sound wise, which after all is the most important feature to give our ears the best quality of sound, is designed to deliver a natural bass without comprising the high tones, so your music is as natural is possible.

Sudio earphones review

The earphones come in a small pouch that can be tucked away for none tangled headphones – the other bane of our lives, am I right?

earphones pouch

Sudio * represents an elegant product not just for its functionalities of being a great quality set of earphones but an accessory. The stylish finish of white and gold looks luxurious so overall definitely something to carry around in your bag. I have a 15% discount code for anyone wanting to purchase some fab headphones as a treat or a christmas present coming up, please use the code StephiLareine15

What earphones do you use and what do you think of Sudio?

* This item was gifted.